Madden NFL 11 NFC East preview video and screenshots
"EA Sports has sent out another batch of screenshots for Madden NFL 11 this time focused on the teams of the NFC East. We've got a preview video and screenshots of the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins along with the team ratings."

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Queasy3018d ago

in real life, Redskins and Eagles promises to be a fun matchup. Curious to see how they stack up in the game.

Neco5123018d ago

Skins, Eagles, Giants, COWBOYS? lame lame lame lame

MxShade3018d ago

Never been a fan of NFC East. Yawn.

Queasy3018d ago

Some of the best rivalries are in the East.

CrAppleton3018d ago

I think it's pretty awesome that they're putting out all this stuff this time around

MrAwesome3018d ago

How This game still sells millions a year I get bored of the series just readong about it.

Armyntt3018d ago

Because its football baby!! No need to explain its just and simple FOOTBALL!!!

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