Best Scoring Games of 2010 So Far (Metacritic)

"This year has been a fantastic year for gamers, with 8 titles scoring a Metacritic average of 90 or above. Also, the highest scored game of 2010 so far tied for the second highest scoring game ever."

Here's the top 10 best scoring games of 2010 (according to Metacritic)

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ClownBelt3042d ago

PC is not a platform it seems. Lol

PSfan093042d ago

or isnt mass effect of PC too because it seems funny how people make it seem the game is a 360 exclusive because I played it on my gaming computer

wariofart3042d ago

It is, but it scored less than the 360 version, so it didn't make the list

eggbert3042d ago

pc version is still a 94, which is better than the majority of that list.

HaVoK3083042d ago

Its on PC. As Games for Windows which is Microsoft. Making the PC a Microsoft platform. I wonder how delusional Sony nuthuggers feel when they boot up Windows every day. Must drive them crazy...I wonder if they run out a buy Apple? That probably drives them insane too since its a direct competitor of Sony at the moment. I wonder if they get their employers to sign Sony's names to their paychecks so they fill justified. Wait...what am I saying! fanboys dont work!!! Fact!!!

3dawg3042d ago

lol. yeah i noticed that too most of my friends who are die hard 360 fanboys all live off of unemployment checks. guess they cant afford to buy all the current gen systems. although i have a friend who is the total opposite he works and he loves ps3; he hates me for owning an xbox360 wtf is up with that. its not like im trying to get him to jump in.

Information Minister3042d ago

It's alway hilarious to see a fanboy calling out fanboys from the opposite camp. I hate to interrupt your day dreaming, but the PC is NOT a Microsoft platform. It's perfectly possible to own a PC without coming even close to anything remotely MS related.

Unlike Apple's business model with the Mac, Microsoft has nothing to do with the hardware and alternatives do exist in the OS department. Furthermore the Windows operating system is an open platform (not to be confused with open source), meaning that anyone can write programs for it and no royalties are involved. You can argue that you need Windows for a gaming PC and that's true, but (besides the one time purchase of the OS) MS only profits from it if they publish the game themselves. Now tell me, how have Microsoft's publishing efforts been doing on the PC the last couple of years?

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soxfan20053042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

PC is not a platform because every PC game is not playable on every PC. Consoles do not require memory or graphics card updates to play newer games.

With a console, every game plays on every console. A PS2 purchased in 2000 will play the all of the same games as a PS2 purchased in 2010.

A 360 owner who buys a 360 game knows it's guaranteed to play on his console. A PS3 owner who buys a PS3 game knows it's guaranteed to play on his console. A PC owner who buys a PC game has no guarantee that the game will play on his computer - and unless the computer is relatively new, it probably won't.

Can a PC from 2000 (or even 2005) play Mass Effect 2?

Imperator3042d ago

The point is, people who have a gaming PC don't need a 360 to play ME2. The point of exclusives is to get people to buy the console so since ME2 does not do that, the term does not apply. ME2 is a multiplat title.

soxfan20053042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

As I said though, many people with a PC still cannot play ME2 on it, even though it's a PC game.

Maybe there needs to be different terminology for these types of releases. It's not multi-platform, because so many PC's can't run it despite it being advertised as a PC game. It's also not 360 exclusive, because some higher-spec PC's can run it.

I believe these types of games can and do drive console sales because of the complications involved in running the PC versions. It's so much easier to buy a $150 console, plug it in to your HDTV, and you know the game will work (and you will get the superior version in most cases).

This is similar to what I hear about PS3 vs. 360 all the time. In order to add to the 360 everything that is included in a PS3, the 360 ends up being more expensive. Same thing here. Why buy a $500+ computer, or spend hundreds to upgrade, when you can just buy a 360 for as little as $150 (and know that your game will work)?

FlipMode3042d ago

There doesn't need to be a different term made, since PC is a platform and games like Mass Effect are on two platforms they are multiplatform, I can't believe this is still debated its so simple.

rumplstilts3042d ago

Bayonetta for PS3 would lie to speak with you (jk)

Greywulf3042d ago

Lets go with your silly argument that "MANY PEOPLE CANT PLAY THE UNREAL ENGINE"

Its false. The only people that can't play the unreal engine on their modern day PC are people who aren't playing games in the past say .. 5 years? The specifications are severely low for Mass Effect & Mass Effect 2, as well as most pc/360 titles becuse of the 360's hardware.

You don't need a Crysis like rig to run Mass Effect in 720p on a PC with the same exact performance as the 360, not by a long sh ot.

I know 360 gamers love to pretend that they own a console that is the equivalent of a $4000.00 rig that runs games in WUXGA+ at 90fps, but thats just simply not the case.

Game settings no longer require you to upgrade from your basic PC now at days, the technology has far surpassed that of consoles. Most PC's ship with a 256mb Videocard/Dual Proc/4+Gigs of ram, and we are talking basic computers now.

Get out of your world of make believe. Thanks to the success of the 360, developers don't need to push out amazing technical marvels anymore since 360 owners buy them without them. Think about it, Crysis is the only real benchmark for pc's now at days and they went multiple platform with the rest of their gaming...

Spenok3041d ago

I think thats quite possibly the most retarded thing i have ever read. Just because some peoples rigs cant play ME2 does NOT mean its not multiplatform. There are plenty of people who can play ME2 on PC, myself included.

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darkcharizard3042d ago

SMG2 is 97 and Cave Story is 90 now.

crapgamer3042d ago

Disregard a solid 360 exclusive. Mass Effect 2 will probably win GOTY and deservedly so. It's amazing. Quit whining over it.
I mean Sony bought off enough people to make them say good things about Uncharted 2, now it's time for a true critical success as well as true units sold success game win something it actually deserves.
Good Show Microsoft, here's hoping we see Mass Effect 3 next year. What a year that would be, Mass Effect 3 and Gears 3 in the same year. Slap Slap Slap Sony.

dizzleK3042d ago

me2 had better get goty, it's probably the best game this gen.

inception1233042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

most 360 fanboys do. just look at how they just refuse to accept that games like me2 are multiplat. they come up with the dumbest excuses i have ever heard to defend whatever it is they are talking about.

Bobets3042d ago

This guy need to be taken to rehab, he's taken too much micro crack soon his mind will start thinking MS created earth.

DigitalAnalog3042d ago

I'm sorry, but the Wii has the highest possibility of taking GOTY this year. Especially with their stellar lineup for the Wii.

-End statement

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hahahahaha1013042d ago

the highest 360 rated exclusive this year is Alan Awake and it only scored 83 on metacritic

HaVoK3083042d ago

You really need an article from another site to tell you this? You cant just head over to metacritic and looks for yourselves. There you can get all the justification for your purchases you need. You FanNerds cant enjoy a game unless someone moron who gets paid to have an opinion validates it for you. Weak fuckers.

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