What To Expect From The Madden 11 Demo

Ex: On July 27th, EA will release their Madden 11 demo to PS3 and Xbox 360 to give football fans a taste of what EA Tiburon has been creating for this year's Madden outing.

So what can we expect from the demo itself? Will it be enough to curb your appetite until the full retail release in August? EA dropped us a line with the full list of demo features, and it looks like it could present an adequate representation of the final product and keep us entertained for at least a few hours.

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CrAppleton3016d ago

Cool, I'm usually not big on the madden games, but it's been a few years since I played one. Rather than follow the mindless crowd that picks them up EVERY year, I like to wait 3 or 4 so there's something NEW. heh.. I'll check the demo out

Neco5123016d ago

there is something new every year

MariaHelFutura3016d ago

You must work for EA.

It basically a roster update and minor refinements. If you like it, that`s fine......but don`t be ridiculous.

DaRockSays3016d ago

it's not that bad, they try to do new things

iceman063016d ago

they seem to be trying, but they just keep falling short. Plus, what's up with removing features and then bringing them back later as NEW? I hate that about the Madden team. It's clear that they need competition. That will push them to really innovate and not sell football in pieces...this year year year defense...etc. By the way...I AM a fan of the game. I am just critical of it because I want a GREAT football game again.

killyourfm3016d ago

Personally I'm still happy with Madden 10

va_bank3016d ago

Madden 10 runs worse then 09 on my PS3. I'm a huge Saints fan so I'll probably get it anyway, but I'll water for gamers reviews to decide WHEN I get it.

sinclaircrown3016d ago

Something you can afford... how is that mindless? I hate playing outdated sports games becuase I want the players on my team!

If its just roster updates, and slight improvements. I don't mind paying the money for it. IF I want it.

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Neco5123016d ago

I go to the midnight openings every year

Copyright3016d ago

have you won any tournaments?

blodulv3016d ago

Madden 10 w/roster updates?

120FPS3016d ago

What to expect from Madden 11? A few more black players a few less white players not very many chinese/asian players and no people of stunted growth players

whitesoxfalife3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

wit that dumb ass comment 120fps

divideby03016d ago

5 min qtrs.... used to be 2 mins....they really did turn up the game speed

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