GoldenEye 007 screenshots

Activision has released brand new screenshots of the GoldenEye 007 remake.

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No Way3041d ago

And? You're point is?
The first looked like an N64 game.
Guess what? Was one helluva game.

HolyOrangeCows3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

So we should just accept bad graphics with a smile, then, so long as it's fun?

Hey developers! You can spend a weekend on the graphical assets of your games, now! We don't care at all because you have a fun game!
Here's my $50, thanks!

No S***. That doesn't mean we should accept bad graphics laying down.

WhatARump3041d ago

Fun > Graphics
A game no matter how eye catching is useless unless it's fun

Nihilism3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

You are missing the point.

If you want identical goldeneye N64 goldeneye. The whole point of this remake is THE VISUALS. There are not aiming to change the gameplay, so you're saying you want to pay for a game with the same gameplay...and almost no updated visuals....what are you paying for again?

I know you think nintendo gets a free pass because everything they touch turns to gold... But it is a remake, it is supposed to be updated, the wii is twice as powerful as a only outputs 480i they should be able to milk the wii ( wow that sounded really gross ) for all it's worth visually. This is clearly just a cash in. A remake is wasted on the wii anyway...they should have saved it for the next console

Imperator3041d ago

If graphics didn't matter then why have consoles advance over the years? Why did we buy a PS2 or PS3. Why not just stick to our fun old atari consoles? Stop lying to youself and admit that graphics are a big part of the game. Grahpics do matter, almost as much as gameplay.

Hoje03083041d ago

As a PS3 owner who loves games like Killzone 2, Uncharted 2 and GOW 3, I would gladly play the original Goldeneye for hours on end if you put it in front of me. So yeah, people are excited for an updated version of that game. Being able to play Goldeneye with a group friends again sounds like a lot of fun. Don't you remember playi-oh wait, with that kind of an attitude, you probably never had many friends, which means you have no idea what the rest of us are talking about.

On topic: Between this and Zelda, I may have to get a Wii.

BWS19823041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

for "this gen" but you're lying to yourself if you think the Gamecube output visuals like this:


It's still SD and it's kinda ugly after seeing Crysis on my i7 and Killzone 2, but, it's a step forward from the original (which by now isn't that hard, hell, PD 1 was a step forward). This could NOT be done on the Gamecube as it is, but it could have been done in a fairly similar manner. The Wii's not "twice as powerful" either, per se, it's twice as fast or so (processor wise) and that's not the same Dchalfont, and you should know that much being the techie I know you are. It's roughly 1.5 times as powerful or so, but twice is too far.

I am thinking they may have been able to get more out of the Wii, but c'mon, not much. They did what they could with Gamecube 1.5...But still, Nintendo themselves and HVS are the only ones who have milked the Wii upwards of it's ceiling.

Oh, and it does 480p, as well...hence the component outputs.

N4g_null3040d ago

Holy cow this game is not for the casual
Core it's for the old schoolers it plays just like the old one with the same style graphics to prove a point. It's more of the same yet it's new content. We've always wanted just that but instead got perfect dark which was killed by the xbox lol.

Lots of people don't play games for graphics. Key word play. And all games are not about advancing graphics. I think that side of gaming has done enough damage. Now it's time to get our game on.

So far nintendo is the only company that understands this. Go and play your exclusive man this game is for real gamers not people with agendas. That crap is ruining gaming.

No Way3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

I may be 'missing the point' on this particular game.
But, people here complain about 'bad graphics' all day, everyday.
According to some, if the graphics don't look like Uncharted..
Then people compare and basically say they are no better than Pac-Man.
Which is just ridiculous..

And, the game does look better. Though, this is the Wii, after all.

ChickeyCantor3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )


Since its using the IR hardware, it wont even play the same.
And you meant and it outputs 480p

EvilTwin3040d ago

Looks like a GC game? OK, lets take a look. Here are some GC graphics.

Compared to what you pointed out, like this:

Better detail, overall (especially the gun and the wall). Does it look like a 360 or PS3 game? Of course not. But it doesn't look bad.

SilentNegotiator3040d ago

Eviltwin, don't cherry pick ugly gamecube games for your argument.

Here are some things GC was capable of:

forum_crawler3040d ago

Then why are people not demanding this game to be on PC?

Don't go dogging the graphics on the wii, because one could make the exact same argument about any of the consoles. Their graphics will always be inferior to those on the PC.

Take the game for what it is, a game.

EvilTwin3040d ago

@SilentNegotiator -- It's not cherry picking, it's picking FROM THE SAME GENRE OF GAME. We're talking about an FPS here. Hence picking an FPS game on the GC. I thought that was pretty obvious.

(And you managed to pick the most horrible picture of Twilight Princess possible and a very blurry RE4 pic while you were at it.)

More GC FPS:

What, are you gonna say Retro Studios stinks because they couldn't match Factor 5's work in a completely different type of game? Rogue Squadron II benefits a lot by flying (very quickly) over areas that you're several feet above. That's how more basic areas like this...

...look just fine. Whereas in an FPS, you turn next to a wall very close to you and see a pixelated mess.

BWS19823040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

Still, no, the GC did not do Wii graphics, the Wii is more powerful. My point was that it's not twice as powerful, but yet it's a big step up. I have a GC, I would know, you think?

This game wouldn't look as is on the GC, it's that simple.

My point is also that I have seen the best GC could do, it was almost on par with Xbox last gen, and ahead of PS2, but for this game AS AN ARTIST WHO HAS A DEGREE IN THIS STUFF, MIND YOU, I can tell you that the Gamecube could come close in some ways, but there is too much detail in the GoldenEye remake to match what we're seeing, it just couldn't be done. End of story. Period. Your Wii hatred is being set aside, for this.

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Playerz83041d ago

Haha, this game look like my toliet.

BWS19823040d ago

your opinion is worth what's in my toilet.

jazzking20013041d ago

looks decent but would look countless times better on 360, pc or ps3 lol

mushroomwig3041d ago

Job good graphics aren't everything then.

IaMs123041d ago

in a remake it is as clearly stated above. The guy hit the nail on the head.

turok3040d ago

cuz if graphics were everything then everyone here wud give perfect score for FFXIII. " Bad graphics= bad game" fools plz. Bad game mechs and play = bad game.

Gameplay>Graphics 24/7

NikoleSmash3041d ago

Ahh have they announced anything on multiplayer thru Wii friend codes? I can't wait for this game.

-Mezzo-3041d ago

looks great, will buy it for sure.

Bluemaster773041d ago

I personally think that Remake Microsoft had in the works looks of better quality .Idk i just have to try this one and see

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