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From both a gameplay and graphics point of view, then, Killzone 3 looks like it will be a stellar achievement for Guerrilla. It builds on the great visuals of the series whilst adding the variety that many felt Killzone 2 lacked.

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knightdarkbox3018d ago ShowReplies(3)
Game-ur3018d ago

The day this game comes out is the same day I buy a 3DTV, I don’t think I'll be able to hold out much longer.

HungPHAT3017d ago

I hear ya bro ! I went to E3 last month and played KZ3 in 3D , came back to the hotel and ordered the Sony XBR LX900 "52" and it's the best TV I've ever owned ! You won't regret it at all , TRUST ME ..,

Spenok3017d ago

Im in the same boat buddy. This right here is the main reason i want me a 3DTV.

ForzaGT3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

with 3d becoming as cheap as this:

i might be getting it sooner rather than later with GT5 coming this november

Hideo_Kojima3018d ago

Its down to £800 already for a 40"?
When it touches 500-600 am getting one so its very likely I will get it before KZ3 comes out.

AllroundGamer3017d ago

i am sitting before that LE40C750 HDTV right now :) and its a really good tv, the only negative point i found is that it reflects too much, so i have to be in total dark to truly enjoy a HD movie or game.

beavis4play3018d ago

i love bluray but have NO interest in 3D......maybe if it becomes the standard - but that won't ever happen. too many people (mainstream america) are just now buying HD tvs........they aren't going to run back out and buy a 3D tv. the tech people will- but that is very small percentage and not enough to make 3D the standard.

AK463018d ago

3D is not trying to be the standard of viewing tv, it's an option. Pretty soon you'll see 3D implemented in all HDTV's to give the consumer the choice of viewing their experiences.

callahan093018d ago

The game is sounding really fun!

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The story is too old to be commented.