Truckload of StarCraft II Artwork

Just in time for the last couple of days before the launch, a humongous pile of mostly new StarCraft II artwork has emerged. The pieces that are not new are instead posted in a new, massively high quality size.

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King Klear3019d ago

I'd like to see the "truck" that could carry all that goodness!

Porco3019d ago

Hehe, must be a massive truck :)

Djorgo3019d ago

To transfer digital images? Yeah, must be massive ;)

mrv3213019d ago

It'd be better if they used a bus to be honest, it'd be far more universal and do a great service.

TheIneffableBob3019d ago

The Internet is not something that you just dump something on. It's not a big truck. It's a series of tubes.

WildArmed3019d ago

I read the title about 10 times.. and I kept reading 'butt'load....
Then I read your msg and re-read it.
Oh boi was I surprised

Djorgo3019d ago

Sweet pic of that Marauder!

Chazmers3019d ago

Starcraft II just keeps on releasing art doesn't it!

King Klear3019d ago

They want to hype us before the release, I guess... it's working...

Porco3019d ago

Not complainign as logn as it looks good.

Dorjan3019d ago

yer gonna need a bigger chimney!

Djorgo3019d ago

Some humour included as well ;)

King Klear3019d ago

Isn't it weird to release X-man artwork right now? It's boiling where I'm right now...

Forbidden_Darkness3019d ago

What use to be a truckload, now is only a few MBs of space :)

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