A familiar fantasy

Squeenix announced a new and exciting original game for the DS the other day, did you hear about it?

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SpoonyRedMage3016d ago

Umm..... it isn't a remake of FF1 at all..... it's a complete new FF with it's own unique take on the franchise...

nellshini3016d ago

It's still too early to say, truthfully. But if you had to judge from the trailer and the little amount of info out there, the story has its similarities and the major difference is in the class/battle system.

I guess that does make it a difference game in the end, but it's definitely based starting from the same point as the original franchise.

SpoonyRedMage3016d ago

The game was released in Japan ages ago though so we do know... the basis is the same as a throwback; it's a classic fantasy storyline but the actual plot happens differently.

If it is being classed as a remake then it's very, very loosely.