Guitar Hero mods, Tourneys and More at the Michigan Pinball Expo

GameZone's Louis Bedigian visits the Michigan Pinball Expo. Pinball enthusiasts were able to show off their skills, as well as some pretty interesting mods for certain pinball machines. Take a look at our gallery.

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B3NW3043d ago

I've never bought a guitar hero game, I have played it on the wii and really didn't like it that much.

BiggCMan3043d ago

gotta try guitar hero 3. any console really its all the same, but definitely try number 3. if u dont like it, then its not for you, which is cool. im really lookin forward to the new one though, warriors of rock. only one ive bin interested in since 3 actually, everyone after 3 sucked except metallica. now it looks like there goin back to the roots of 3 and focusing more on metal and rock.

totoguy3043d ago

Loved the guitar hero mods, gotta try making some of those sometime.

cnagel473043d ago

fun game. crazy to watch people on expert

ilRadd3043d ago

I have a few of the GH games, but I really stink at them...the mods sound interesting.

GZ - #Blur

Caspel3043d ago

I wish the arcade scene was popular so I could see these in action.

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The story is too old to be commented.