Congo war minerals in your console: Here’s how to tell them ‘no more’.

Critical Gamer writes: Last week, I wrote an article regarding the connection between videogame consoles and computers, and the war in the Congo – more specifically, people’s reactions to an article in Kotaku on the subject. Now, I am able to offer you a chance to show that you care.

I chose to treat the subject of ‘conflict minerals’ – in this case, minerals mined to fund the widespread rape and murder in the Congo – as more than something to update the site with one day. I contacted the international charity Oxfam with a view to supporting an existing online petition on the subject, and they kindly pointed me in the direction of Raise Hope For Congo. As part of their campaigning, RHFC have set up an online form where you can, with just one click of a mouse button, tell Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo that you want them to ensure their machines contain no minerals from conflict zones.

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Mondayding3043d ago

Done, dusted, heartily agree.

scruffy_bear3043d ago

Signed too who knows maybe the big wigs will listen to us

mrv3213043d ago

So long as one man is different to another there will always be war.

It's sad but true, desire fuels everything include war. I live in a utopia and I know that, I am greatful about it and I will try to be as big a help to society as I possibly can. While I agree the situation is awful it's not going to change my mind on the next laptop I buy. If it's a £10 increase I'm fine with it, but £100 maybe not so much, it just strange how we value a human life, if it's indirect it's worthless, if it's direct it's priceless.

Ocelot5253042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

welcome to capitalism

regulate the companies and such sh!t won't happen anymore(or at least decrease)

same story for bp

Gorbachev in the eighties knew things had to change, when will we? Or are we going to blame obama for the fact that manufacturers use war minerals?

mrv3213042d ago

And let's say we ban or limit the import of such war minerals then what? I mean seriously. The War won't just stop, there will be no money, no food and people will fight anyway.

Dac2u3042d ago

@mrv321: Not exactly, want to know what will really happen if we stop buying the conflict minerals? Nothing, except maybe a clearer conscience for a few people. China(the largest importer of these minerals) will continue to buy the minerals, regardless of a few internet videos which can't be viewed in China, anyway.

Snezana3043d ago

Now that's something you don't expect to find in your console. I've signed the form, but I'm always rather sceptic about how much good it will do... Of course it is horrible, but will those companies actually change something that they've been doing succesfully for such a long time? But well, no harm in signing, maybe something will happen :)

IDesertFoxI3043d ago

Another signature on the form certainly won't hurt. It's quite optimistic hoping that we'll change the minds of these companies though. One day everyone is complaining that games cost too much, and then we strongly disagree about the shortcuts the big companies take to try and cut them down. At least next time someone tells me that they are better because they have a Mac I can tell them that they fund the horrors of war (and then run off before they can tell me I'm doing the same).

Pidgeridoo3043d ago

for all the time it takes to sign the petition it's worth it.

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The story is too old to be commented.