Sony: Momentum Is The Reason Behind the Exclusive (Content)

DualShockers writes, "During the wild week that was E3 2010, one of our biggest interviews didn’t actually take place on the show floor. Instead it was a couple of blocks away at the ultra swanky JW Marriot, and the interview was with Sony’s director of hardware marketing, Mr. John Koller. We asked John about the newly revitalized relationships with 3rd party publishers and Playstation Move’s influence with that. John made it clear that game creators we’re behind the Playstation brand because of the momentum behind the platform. We also talk a bit about the new campaign behind the PSP as well. Take a look at the clip below."

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JoelT3015d ago

you have to let all of the publications blow their E3 proverbial loads as soon as they get back from the show. Now it's the summer and they don't have shit to talk about except retarded top 10 lists and when to expect the PS4. At least there's some substance here.

Vojkan3015d ago

thx for this i actually missed this one, old or not old.

Chris3993015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )


+ bubs

You forgot screenshot comparisons though. The industry, and its starving fanboys, thrive on those.

A friend of mine said that there's only really 3-4 periods of actual "news" for gamers all year: Gamescon, E3, TGS and the Developers Conference. The rest is all filler.

Mr_Bun3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

I agree with that friend of yours

Hitman07693015d ago

Yeah baby exclusives have always fueled every game system be it PlayStation, Xbox, Sega, or Nintendo. There will always be a huge force behind exclusives and I honestly think it is what excites the gaming world the most half of the time. Third party content always gets better and better especially lately but exclusives bring the heat.

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raztad3015d ago


LOL. Thats so true. The top ten list are getting totally annoying.

iiprotocolii3015d ago

And that's why some folks don't take "games journalism" too seriously. We try our best to spread the content so that people aren't flooded with conference/event news all in one week and then miss what they might deem important.

darkcharizard3015d ago

making Sony the best first party developer out there.

but lets leave the Super Mario Galaxy and Legend of Zelda series out of this :)

trounbyfire3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

we don't know different dev team names or other devs its just nintendo. so first party have identities that give off personality. do you know any non inhouse first party nintendo cause i don't

that not to down play there games but what new things have we seen.

Baltis3015d ago

UMMMM RETRO STUDIOS says hi. Metroid prime series. Heard of it?

JoelT3015d ago

this week, I have even more reason to buy the move.

DORMIN3015d ago

I think he was referring to the regular Time Crisis and how Move implemetation would be automatically awesome. I think the thing that will be cool with this is that you can dodge using the PSeye

I'm really eager to see KZ3 with Move support

Games4M - Rob3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

Im gonna get Move just because its simply a superior system for aiming in games - anyone who has played Resident Evil 4 on the Wii knows that it works amazingly well.

Not quite as good as a mouse but then again you dont need a flat surface to use this so i can get improved aiming while slouched on the couch.

Day one purchase for me with SOCOM 4.

Chadness3015d ago

Sony has a lot up it's sleeves, so to speak. Everything about the PS3 has improved in the last year or so.

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