Dragon Age 2: New Screenshots In Better Quality

See the new Dragon Age 2 screenshots now in better quality.

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neotom3069d ago

the graphic disappoints me

ThanatosDMC3069d ago

There's no ground textures yet. Hopefully the console version would look as good as the PC version... well, namely the PS3 since that's where i'll play.

Spenok3069d ago

Well its not like DA was ever anything to write home about when it came to graphics. Its about the awesome story, character progression, choices, and gameplay. You cant compare this to games like Crysis, KZ, U2, or rage or anything.

Square3069d ago

I hope the game will look like this... I'm a fan of the Dragon Age-brand and I really look forward to see the in-game graphics for the first time while playing!

ElementX3069d ago

Dragon Age graphics ruined the experience for me. I'm not a graphics whore, but I know Bioware is capable of much much better.

Blinding_Solo3069d ago

I'm a graphics whore and Dragon Age: Origin was still fun even after playing I got headaches. I hope they upgrade the graphics cause Origin was ugly as hell.

raztad3069d ago

How bad are they? what game they compare to? I'm seriously pondering to buy the PS3 version, looking forward for some RPG action.

ElementX3069d ago

Well, I don't know what to compare the graphics to...

raztad3069d ago

Well I guess I'll have to see it by myself. Thanks. I just hope it looks better than GoW1 remastered.

Canary3069d ago

Dragon Age: Origins had a host of problems: and while the graphics and animations (particularly spell effects) were quite poor (it's a shame when a decade-old Infinity Engine game looks better)... they were the LEAST of DA:O's problems.

Forbidden_Darkness3069d ago

I serious hope the graphics aren't worse, i like the style of graphics for DAO, didn't bother me, but it seems like these are a step down from DAO

ravinash3069d ago

Hopefully its just because its in the early stages.
the original Dragon age only came out what, a year ago. I wasn't expecting the hugh step in graphics.
The images look like basic models and textures, so they do look basic.

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