Q&A: Singapore's Government On Encouraging Game Industry Growth

Companies have been opening studios in Asia -- to both take advantage of local talent and as a means of saving cost -- for some time now. Of course, Shanghai, China is most famous for hosting international companies. However, Singapore hopes to attract foreign businesses too.

Ubisoft and LucasArts have both opened studios in the region, and MIT has opened the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab to educate the local population in preparation for industry jobs. And the government is in on the act, too -- with Contact Singapore, an agency designed to recruit industries, including the game industry, to the country.

To find out more, Gamasutra recently spoke to Siew Kiang Ng, executive director, Contact Singapore, about their program.

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Cloudberry3069d ago

As I lived in South-East Asia region, I'm waiting for (if not, there's already one / some?) talented Indonesians to develop games of their own. : )

ConanOBrien3069d ago

AFAIK those talented indonesians have been working on a few flash-based games only. Dreaming of an RPG game called Arjuna for PS4/X720