Hands-On Preview: Motion Sports - Electronic Theatre

The first part of Ubisoft’s dual-pronged attack on the suggested Kinect audience, Motion Sports is compilation of sports mini-games designed entirely around the Xbox 360’s forthcoming full body motion control system. Though the premise may sound all-too familiar, Motion Sports does offer a number of features that expand upon the formula, as well as some unexpected sports adaptations.

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im excited to see how this whole kinect unfolds! i see rpg games like oblivion taking a liking to it ;)

gypsygib3015d ago

^ I seriously doubt any core gaming experience can take a liking to it.

gypsygib3015d ago

Kinect is perfect for Christmas time with the fam but spending 150$ isn't worth it for something I'll only use 2-3 times a year. 100$ is my upper limit.