Microsoft's Top Exclusives are Played Out: It's Time For Something New

As of late Sony has been killing it in the 1st party exclusivity department. With games like GOWIII, Uncharted1&2, and Killzone 2. Sony is making Microsoft Game Studios look rather feeble and inept at the moment. What happened? Microsoft used to be all about exclusives.

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NYC_Gamer3726d ago

alot of 360 fans are happy with just playing multiplat shooters online

Vojkan3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

isnt that the whole point with 360?

EDIT:you could also call 360 a bad PC with xbl service.

Conloles3725d ago

Yeah how about turning to your true gaming heritage (PC!)

Hotel_Moscow3725d ago

nope started out on consoles

Double Toasted3725d ago

The only ones I see complaining about this on N4g is the Playslaves.

Dragun6193726d ago

MS probably is thinking they don't need to buy more Studios.They did announce there deal with Activision for Time exclusive Call of Duty DLC until 2012. And I'm guessing they're banking on Halo: Reach and Gears of War 3 to make them sales.

MRJENKINS3725d ago

idk i dont agree with this article 100%. truth is everyone abuses there franchises this gen is all about sequels..riding on the success of its predecessor simply pointing the finger on ms is just stupid

beavis4play3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

uncharted, modnation racers, littlebigplanet, batman:AA, demonsouls, alan wake, resistance:FoM, gears of war, mass effect, bioshock, bayonetta, blur, dead space, dead rising, left4dead, infamous, crackdown, heavenly sword, the last guardian, MAG,motorstorm.......

i'm sure there are more. these are just what came to mind immediately.
there will ALWAYS be sequels - great games deserve follow-ups. but this gen has had some high-quality new IPs as well.

EVILDEAD3603725d ago

Wow..this site has gotten bad..when you actually say something positive about the 360 in a 360 argument WITHOUT bashing the PS3 at all and you lose a bubble for 'trolling'?

Where are the mods when you need em'..I love when actual trolls get aways with it all day..everday..but people present justified arguments without subjecting to bashing the other console..they should not lose bubbles because of trolls and their phantom accounts

Statement still stands

BOTH the 360 and the PS3 sell sequels to their biggest franchises..but what we have seen again and again is the 360 haters/ fan bloggers try to smear 360 exclusives by pretending that the 360 is the only one that does it..

I buy the biggest PS3 franchises day one..but it's a shame that some fans can't simply enjoy their games that they love on their console without trying to smear the on the consoles games at every turn..

Again..I salute the real gamers out there..trolls may dominate this site but N4G rules nonetheless..


working4games3725d ago

I think that the way most people that like PS3 feel whether fanboy or not is that the 360 is more or less a crippled PC. If you have a PS3 and a gaming PC (which I do), you have a huge variety of games leaving practically no exclusives (unless you count timed ones) on the 360 as the large majority of 360 games are available on and perform better on PC as well. This can translate to hate to most people that are PS3-allied especially when I still hear to this day that the PS3 doesn't have games and this came from a friend of mine months before he got a 360. How does that make any sense when for the last few years or so the 360 Game of the Year has been a multiplat also available on PS3? No hate to 360 owners on my part. We could have a debate about which console or platform is best, but I doubt anybody's mind would change.

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FishCake9T43726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Call Of Duty is going to be around for a long time. Think about how many 12 year olds there are in the world. However, im sure Kinect will generate some "great" games.....

MRJENKINS3725d ago

you seem more childish than the 12 year old your talking about

EVILDEAD3603726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

If PS3 gamers were content with their games they wouldn't be bashing the 360s..period.

LOL @ thinking 8 hours of Uncharted 2, God of War 3, or Little Big planets actually matters to 360 owners when Halo Reach drops in September. Please hate Gears until your blue in the face..I'm sure there's actually one actual 360 owner who will bypass his copy because of the incredibly informed blog..

Nah it wont..

It's the usual hypocrisy of PS3 can turn out sequel after sequel but the 360 isn't allowed because some fan blogger who actually is just another troll on N4G thinks so..

Another yawner...


OneSneakyMofo3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

The guy has a point. The only exclusives I've bought this year for my 360 is Splinter Cell. I rented Alan Wake. I've bought at least 6 exclusives for the PS3.

The 360 is the console to get for multiplats and shooters (too bad I hate Gears and Halo - waiting on Fable 3 though).

I'm actually disappointed in Microsoft. I expected them to buy more studios for more first party games not this exclusive timed bullshit. Oh well.

Optical_Matrix3725d ago

Sequel after sequel? A lot of the upcoming sequels for PS3 are of games we haven't seen at all this gen or games that we've only seen one iteration of this gen. Plus, they cover practically all genre's. You can't say the same for MS.
Plus look at how many new IP's Sony has pushed EXCLUSIVELY for PS3 this generation. Little Big Planet, Uncharted, inFamous, Demons Souls, White Knight Chronicles, ModNation Racers, Resistance, Folklore, Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, Lair, The Last Guardian, MAG...see where I'm going with this? Some may have flopped but at least they're being tested.

Tachyon_Nova3725d ago

@ Optical Matrix - Sure Sony has pushed those exclusives, but your list is too comprehensive. MNR was only exclusive cos Atlus were banking on LBP fans getting behind it, and the game failed hard in terms of sales. The problem Sony have is they have failed to create a large franchise. Sure both Uncharteds have sold ~ 3M, but they would be hoping for more from there biggest new franchise. Ratchet and Clank has reached the end of the line, with sales in decline, mean while and Daxter has yet to surface.

I'm not complaining, I'm having masses of fun with my ps3, be the game exclusive or multiplat, but Sony may be concerned that they are struggling to create a franchise, as franchises are crucial to getting new hardware off shelves.

Optical_Matrix3725d ago

@Nova....why do they need to create a HUGE new franchise? Microsoft has Gears but that still pails in comparison to Halo sales. Fact is Sony has multiple multi-million franchises covering several genre's. Not only that, but so what if certain games have bombed at retail? Sony will be remembered as the ones that have given us unique experiences such as Heavy Rain and LBP. For the future, this is nothing but good. Uncharted 3 sold 3.5 million...expect Uncharted 3 to sell 5/6 million. Gradually these franchises will become more popular. Thats the point in investing in new IP's.

Denethor_II3725d ago

"Little Big planets" Lol, someone doesn't own a PS3 as they would surely know its LittleBigPlanet and not planets. LBP as game has an infinite amount of possibilitys and can not be summed up as an 8 hour game.

After stating "If PS3 gamers were content with their games they wouldn't be bashing the 360s..period." You then go on to bash two of the greatest console exclusives for the PS3 ever made. You're are a hypocrite and therefore can not be trusted, rendering anything you have to say as brown syrup from my bum.

insomnium3725d ago

Wait for GT5 and sub 200€ PS3.

EVILDEAD3603725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

'You're are a hypocrite and therefore can not be trusted, rendering anything you have to say as brown syrup from my bum.'

GTFOH..If you could actually READ you wouldn't have syrup on your @ss..

I keep it 100% real and
I own the best of the best games for my PS3 Slim as well..UC2, GOW3, and MGS4 are the CREAM of the crop for the PS3..period

And guess what..theres a number at the end because there are ALL sequels..

What's the most anticipated game this year for the PS3..Gran Turismo 5..a SEQUEL..

What was the biggest games of E3 for the PS3..Killzone 3 and Twisted Metal..all sequels..remakes

The hypocratic logic is as dumb as it ever was..just like it was for the same 15 other fan blogs from the past that tried to argue the same tired argument

Last year Sony's biggest games were Uncharted 2, Kilzone 2, and Infamous

What are the big games coming out for 2011..Killzone 3, Infamous 2 and Infamous 2..end of story

This isnt bashing the's the absolute truth

In silly fan blogger & 360 hater logic..Micrsoft (who doesnt have 20 studios) should NOT release sequels to their BIGGEST selling franchises..

Why would Micrsoft release Halo Reach this year..a game with millions of million of fans..that still play it daily..and has generated a billion dollars..

Why would the the beloved Gears franchise that has sold 5 Million a piece this gen want to release a sequel?

Why would you release a sequel to the most successful RPG this gen?

It doesnt take a genius to know why Micrsoft releases sequel to the games the fans's because Sony, Nintendo, and EVERY gaming company does the EXACT same thing.. once again..if you believe that somehow..the release of God of War 3, Uncharted 2, and ANY exclusive you can name suddenly will make people stop gaming on the 360..please enjoy the air inside the bubble of your fantasy world..

Salutes the real gamers out there..because it's been a great year for both consoles..


JonnyBadfinger3725d ago

Point well said.
Everyone sticks to the things they know... and then when they feel like a new change, then they will start looking at a new IP.

Absolutely nothing wrong with making sequels. i wouldnt care if there were 20 Halo or 20 Gears games... thought im pretty sure it will begin to lack after about 5.
Why should a Developer stop making a game because its known as 1 of the most successful games of all-time? because the PS3 community say so? Playstion invented the "milking" of franchises.
Whats that? you want examples? ok
3 off the top of my head:
(1)Final Fantasy(only god knows the true number of this franchise)
(2)Gran Turismo (4 going on 5, plus all the PSP and arcade versions)
(3)Ratchet and Clank(have no idea, to me it was the poor mans Mario)

But now you gonna say "well atleast they werent all released within the same time frame and as frequently as Xbox exclusives" What f***en difference does it make? And lets be honest the only game Exclusive that has ever done Sony any good is Gran Turismo... and know doubt GT5 will continue that trend (im still considering buying a PS3 just for GT5).

Me personally, i dont really play games as much as i once did. All shooters are the same, all racers are the same, all RPGs and Adventure games are the same.

I dont have a problem with what Sony are doing with there Exclusives... because if they dont keep turning them out, they wont find the next big thing. And with the number of exclusives Sony are pushing out there, its only a matter of time before they find there next gold nugget. Yes Microsoft SHOULD do the same... but with titles like Halo Gears and Fable... they dont have too.

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NastyLeftHook3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

i agree as well

Donny3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

ratfuker, nasty, i think we can all agree the 360 games are poor quality.

Inside_out3725d ago

M$ said that third party support would be critical to then success of the 360. Words of wisdom. The highest selling games on PS3 is multi-plats. They outsell Sony exclusives by the millions. Gamers know what a good game is. The multi-plats on 360 outsell the PS3 multi-plats by the millions with few's clear the 360 has the best looking, selling and playing multi-plats.

Gears and halo on 360 out sell everything on PS3. M$ is the one Killing it this Sony just started making a profit this

Article is Pooh...BTW...M$ has there big hitters coming up in Halo and Fable. Kinect will sell millions this holiday. PLUS 3 big shooters that will outsell the PS3 versions ( AGAIN ) by the millions. Sony...they only do everything half a$$.

lh_swe3725d ago

You don't honestly beleive the drivel your spilling, do you?

tinybigman3725d ago

those arguing back and forth like fanboys are kinda sad in my eyes because instead being gamers as you claim to be; your just hating on the other system and its games because of some blind loyalty.

i'm not gonna sit here and lie i do tend to favor the PS3 exclusives more because of the variety, and for the fact that they are games that i actually like. i've said from the beginning that M$ should use their money to create/purchase studios to make some unique games not just live off 2-3 IPs over, and over, and over. i would love this see an new IP in the vain of say Ico/SotC/TLG not just shooter after shooter.

the best game i've played this year on 360 was Alan Wake and i've played ME2, Splinter Cell. i want more games like an AW, i want new IPs on my 360. i don't live for online play like most of the gamers out there; i also want to have my awesome single player experiences which seems to be disappearing little by little on 360. i want a new IP from M$ that will get my excitement level pumping like Epic Mickey on the Wii, and The Last guardian on PS3 and i'm just not seeing that right now.

ProjectVulcan3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Alan wake is the only 360 exclusive i bought this year, was moderately disappointed with it. Splinter cell, Mass effect 2, Fable 3 later are on my PC. On the upside i bought RDR for 360, but then found out all my friends had bought it on PS3 so regretted that a tad too.

In the end the latter half of this year for 360 will likely just be halo reach right until gears of war 3 in april.

Halo and Gears.

Now i like 360 dont get me wrong, but i really thought microsoft would have tried to expand their portfolio instead of actually REDUCING it by letting bungie, bizarre and bioware go. Im disillusioned about the lack of new console IP exclusives from 360. Its like microsoft are just running down the time until they can release kinect which i have no affinity for. It has become a little one dimensional for me, and i find myself increasingly turning to PS3, wii and PC to satisfy my gaming needs, after spending near all 2006 on a 360....

JokesOnYou3725d ago

I have a ps3 andI still game 90% of the time on my 360, to each their own but overall I enjoy the 360's lineup much more+ online, 360 is the heavy gamers console to own, at least in the US where I live, 360 is bigtime, we love and ps3 exclusives like gow3 are just the same old with a new coat of paint which doesnt make 360 owner's see nothing special about ps3 exclusives, good games but I actually enjoyed SC with its new modes more...that's what u kids don't get the other factors.


Why o why3725d ago

'that's what u kids don't get the other factors. '

360 owners who want MORE true exclusives are 'kids' right

lol. before you make bitter sweet remarks about ps3 exclusives you should at least acknowledge the fact that some of your peers would probably love to play them on their system like 90% of the former exclusives that have gone multiplat. I bet you have a chunk of those in you 90% of sure you can see where im going anyhow no offence just saying how can you take issue for gamers wanting more games of a higher quality huh....actually im sure you'll have an answer for that one....creepy *shudders*

JokesOnYou3725d ago

I'm sure many would like to play ps3 exclusives, but most I know prefer 360, that's all its only this site and the usual blogs they swear everything on the ps3 is so much better 360 wouldn'be doING so well if this site were a reflection of reality.


zane_78493725d ago

Microsoft has a bad habit of throwing away all their money on "timed" exclusives, only delaying their release on the PS3. Which doesn't win them much favor from the PS3 fanbase since they are only taking away from the games they could be playing, not producing innovative new franchises to catch their attention. It all feels very short sighted to me.

lelo2play3725d ago

In all honesty... Microsoft needs to buy more 1st party studios.

No Way3725d ago

Exactly. That's all they need. But, they've been stupid.
They should have kept Bungie, and bought BioWare.
Plus, kept the other companies they got rid of.

NewZealander3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

i agree halo is played out, but i still love gears fable and mass effect, i would love to see something new from ms, rumor has it that rare is working on a new game thats (hopefully) not a kinect game, hope this is true.

DavidBanner3725d ago

I aint i don't want to be at war and loosing all the time

soxfan20053725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

"alot of 360 fans are happy with just playing multiplat shooters online"

It's not just 360 fans. The top five selling PS3 games are GTA4, COD:MW2, COD:MW, COD:World at War, & MGS4.

Seems nearly everyone, regardless of what console they own, love playing multi-platform shooters.

xTruthx3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Well... the first game ever sold... if I'm right... was with the magnavox. So console's are our heritage conloles...

AAACE53725d ago

Gears still has some life left in it! There are different things they can do, but Halo needs to go! I know there are a lot of Halo fans, but to me the game as a whole is outdated.

I really hate to agree with the fanboys (because most of the time they are delusional) but MS does need to invest in new IP!

* I say delusional because they don't like to look at the whole picture! If I were to classify a fanboy as a girl, it would be that naive girl who thinks her boyfriend loves her so much while she is ignoring him having sex with another girl right in front of her!

I accept facts! If it's true, it's true! I don't try to believe something just because I want to believe... That's as bad as the people who think Elvis is going to walk into a coffee shop and order a sandwich!

ImmortalLegend3725d ago

I think Microsoft is trying to work on future exclusives with Indie Games. There's some talent out there and Microsoft would be stupid not to invest in some of it. Also let's not forget that Microsoft is still very young with console gaming. Sony and Nintendo are the juggernauts and have built up a solid line of exclusives. One would have to think that since they have been out so long that they would have the upper hand.

otherZinc3725d ago

What new "Exclusives" did the PS3 have at E3?

Also, we've seen god of War, Uncharted & going on its 3rd iteration none of them outselling Gears Halo or Fable. We've seen Killzone before now were on Killzone3 none of them selling more than Halo Gears or Fable. All of these PS3 games are on their 3rd iterations with god of War appearing on the PSP. So why are people lying so damn much?

The consumer will let you know if they are tired of Halo if Halo:Reach doesnt sell more than 3million copies in September 2010! Also, Halo 3 is still at the top of the 360 LIVE list for games played each month & the game released in 2007.

If Fable 3 doesnt sell 1million in its first month then the consumers are tired of it.

If Gears of War 3 doesnt sell 1.5 to 2million units when its released in March, then the consumer is tired of it. Also, in the top 10 360 LIVE play list & the game released in 2008.

No one is tired of these games you're just talking S***.

See, when the consumer stops buying these games, that's when they have had enough of those great games. Now go tell that lie in to someone that has hearing or reading problems.

Blaze9293725d ago

I have to agree. Funny how the only people who have a problem with MS's lineup are the people who don't even own Xbox 360s. Top exclusives are played out? Played out as in the reason 2.7 million total players. 13 million games played. 16 million hours played (1,826 days) were the final stats for the Halo Reach beta?...a BETA?

sure, totally played it. You all keep complaining for 360 owners while we site back and enjoy the games.

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Counter Strike3726d ago

With Games like Reach , Black Ops , Fable 3 , Gears of War 3 , KingDoms or Forza MotorSport 4 in the way!

Vojkan3726d ago

blackops is multiplat, Kingdoms, you know nothing about that game, not even what genre is, so please dont write crap like that. Kingdoms will turn into poor mans God of war most likely.
BTw guys like you were excited for Crackdown 2, Shadowrun, Too Human, etc over last couple of years. Point is MS exclusives are not on par with PS3s thats the point for this article.

Convas3726d ago

First you say that He knows nothing about Kingdoms, that you go on to say that Kingdoms will turn into a poor man's God of War.

Good job Captain Ironic.

No Way3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Crackdown is good. What's the problem?
Shadowrun, I never played. Have you?
And, Too Human was fun. Sure, it had it's problems.
But, it was still fun to play with a friend.

Have you played any of those games Vojkan? Prolly not.

LeXxXiNgToN3725d ago

While I'm sure those games will be great, but if your like me and your not into shooters, racing sims, and the fable series then for some people that line up leaves something to be desired.

wicked3725d ago

What sort of games do you play?

LeXxXiNgToN3725d ago

jRPGs, Adventure, Platformers, Hack and Slash, Fighting, and Arcade Racers.

xxLuckyStrike3726d ago

Brute Force 2 or a Mechassault game would be killer...

Buller_Proofish3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

I'm ok with Fable 3, Halo: Reach, Gears of War 3, Little Big Planet 2, Gran Turismo 5, Killzone 3 and some multiplats for now. Maybe by the end of 2011 or 2012 we need something new. Eventually I'll have Saints Row 3, GTA V, Uncharted 3, Twisted Metal, Mortal Kombat and Resistance 3. There will always be something new.