How Metal Gear Solid Rising came to Xbox 360

Metal Gear Solid 4 was going to be a multiplatform game at one point in time. It was well into development when Microsoft’s 2006 business strategy of buying out third party titles had approached Konami.

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Prcko3019d ago

microsoft called kojima and they said:''hey we gonna give you 20 million chickens for rising on xbox + you need to announce it on xbox e3 conference''

Vojkan3019d ago

its not Kojima's call but who ever are heads of Konami.

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rockleex3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

MS: We want MGS4 on the 360

Konami: *sees bag of money* Kojima! 360 port pronto!

Kojima: Not happening <_<

Konami: Well they already gave us the money, we have to give something back! Plus, I'm your boss.

Kojima thinks to himself, "But Kojima is God!!"

Kojima: Fine, I'll let my team make a DIFFERENT Metal Gear game that will be multiplat.

IcemanHH213019d ago

played MGS3 on ps2 and own an xbox 360, if metal gear solid 4 was 10 cds i would get
best espionage game! no competition on the 360

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Jaces3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Can't say I would be surprised if that's how things went down. This gen is a lot crazier and "cutthroat" then last.

I tend to love exclusives more than multiplat games, reason being I for one believe that more can be done by concentrating on a single systems infrastructure rather than splitting the time and effort on two or even three systems.

Rage may have an arguement seeing how amazing it looks but I really haven't seen much in the light of "wow" moments besides how pretty the landscape looks.

Anyway how this relates to the article is that I HOPE "MGS5" will stay exclusive and HOPE Rising is at fun as what was shown at E3. It would be a shame to see MGS be lost to MS, it's pretty much what defines Playstation, and yes I know Rising is on 360 but I tend to consider it more of a spinoff rather than a core MGS game. Great thing is Sony loses a well known franchise and yet creates another not much later, inFamous, Resistance, MotorStorm, KZ2 (sure it's not really new but nobody really thought they'd reboot it), and so on and so forth. =P

Also for those who compalin about not being able to play an exclusive due to limited income, well sorry...but exclusives are needed to sell consoles and gain the advantage over a competitor, that's just the way the industry works.

Besides, where would the innovation be if there was no competition?

hassi943018d ago

Nobody really thought they'd reboot it? It was revealed like 6 months after the first came out..

gtamike3018d ago

MS needs to make games not just buy them, they make me sick.

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281219863019d ago

Show some respect for the guy...He is one of the most awesome developers in the world. All his games have class and substance dude...I know a lot of people are pissed with MGS:Rising but dude give the guy some credit...All his games have awesomeness written on them...

100003019d ago

Just got PW...Dude this is the gameMGS4 should have been...It is so fricking awesome...Its classic metal gear in all its glory...

Cloudberry3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I remember when Kojima saying something like "Peace Walker is to re-discover the fun in Metal Gear Solid series." + a challenge to develops it on the PSP.

And Kojima's not joking around...

I'm really having a blast right now playing it.

I can't believe this is an actual PSP game...

Peace Walker is totally the true Metal Gear Solid 5, in my opinion.

raztad3019d ago

PW is amazing so much content, variety, so fun. For a reason is the top game in terms of sheer fun in Japan, according to Dengeki. I dont quite understand the 8s it got from some reviews. I mean 8 really? I guess it is because game is on the PSP.

I dont have high hopes for Rising. Like has happened before with another MGS non-canon spinoffs they are ok, but nothing to write home.

gypsygib3019d ago

I hope they release PW for PS3 as DLC. I can't stand looking at my PSP screen, the colours are grainy and it has so much ghosting, don't get me started on the controls.

rockleex3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

He's not the one directing MGS Rising's direction, gameplay, story, etc.

You know those Metal Gear Ac!d games? Those Portable Ops games? Zone of the Enders 1?

Get ready to add Rising to that list.

Those are the games that Kojima has little to no control over except watching for deadlines, quality insurance, advice, etc.

kane_13713019d ago

because it IS the follow up to MGS series with snake charecters.
he said it in sony e3 conference last year.

DaTruth3018d ago

That explains ZOE1! I know some people liked it on this site, but that was a terrible game IMO. No way Kojima was heading that game!

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Cold 20003019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Where's the proof ?

Anyway it does sound like it could be true, wouldnt be surprised at all.

Apotheosize3019d ago

MGS has always been multiplatform. 1 was on PC ps2, 2 was on xbox ps2 and PC etc.

Rising isnt being fronted by Kojima, his staff are doing the work hes only the executive producer

Gran Touring3019d ago

Well, MGS3 and MGS4 were not multiplatform fyi

NeutralGamer3019d ago

You forgot Twin Snakes being a Gamecube exclusive and the original MG 1 and MG 2 being NES...

Also MGS: GB on gameboy colour...

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