Pay to play multiplayer spells doom!

What are the implications of pay to play online gaming for console owners. Are you prepared to pay up to £10 ($10) per month extra for your online fix? Msxbox-world explores.

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Tompkins3068d ago

This is s*** no way am I paying more. This sort of thing makes Sony's online service even more attractive.

ExplosionSauce3068d ago

This is something that Patcher has to be wrong about.
Otherwise it would suck for those people that have to pay for online in the first place, then they'd be paying to play TWICE for Call of Duty games.

Tompkins3068d ago

Patcher is great at throwing sensible, and nonsensical stuff out there, but at the same time hasn't provided any possibilities to make it feasible. This isn't going to go down well presented in the way he's mentioned, but with clever marketing just like DLC being accepted, pay to play online could be as well.

Example being:

Free DLC when you purchase online subscription...

Simonkey753068d ago

I think he just throws everything out there and hopes something sticks, tbh. then, when one of his prophecies comes true, he plays the great industry analyst while sweeping the rest under the carpet.

theonlylolking3068d ago

We must have a petition for this!

Simonkey753068d ago

Yeah, those MW2 and L4D2 petitions really stuck it to the man ... oh, wait.

BeaArthur3068d ago

There are plenty of mulitplayer games out there, enough that if any game adapts the pay to play formula I won't be playing.

MGS44743068d ago

If the online aspecs are good then i would pay ;) but needs to be good and not all games are up to that mark yet..

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