Two Worlds 2 hands on video: graphics, mini games and crafting explained

An exclusive video from the most current version of Two Worlds 2 shows how impressive the developers are working with light and shadow, without watering down the atmosphere through technical gimmicks. On the contrary, Two Worlds 2 appears to be state of the art, technically and gameplay-wise. The video also demonstrate the crafting system and some of the new mini-games. One of them is a kind of Flute Hero - the game's hero plays with a flute in the style of the music game Guitar Hero.

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SebTh3016d ago

Looks good. But I don't understand a word he's saying... german... crazy language.

Letros3016d ago

Tell me about it, I'm here in Germany for the summer, already gave up trying to learn the language. I guess that makes me a lazy stupid American =)

chak_3016d ago

germans are PC lovers, you should like'em :p

Letros3016d ago

Ya, like everyone here is dying for SC2.

dani12343016d ago

Germans talking about Polish game. Nice!