Capcom Announcing New Game Today

Game-Smack Ireland: Capcom will be announcing a new game today. Earllier CapcomEuro said "New game announcement at 5pm (BST)"

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xztence3043d ago

Not expecting much honestly...
seeing as they're not going all "MINDBLOWING GAME ANNOUNCEMANT INCOMING!"
must be some ds game lol.

nikkisixx23043d ago

Yeah I don't really trust these "HUGE" announcements anymore.

Spenok3043d ago

You never know man. Those "MINDBLOWING GAME ANNOUNCEMENTS" are usually never worth it. Maybe there just playin it low.

Alos883043d ago

Hmmm. My money's on Dark Void 2, since they already technically announced it on the quiet at Evo.

Baka-akaB3043d ago

no way . If they announced something at EVO it's fighting game related .
And dark void was one of the flop of the year on every platform

Alos883043d ago

Like I said someone from Capcom said they were working on Dark Void 2 at Evo. I'd personally prefer a fighting game (but not just another slight upgrade of SFIV )

The Dark Knight3043d ago

I wonder if this is going to be as mind blowing as the dead rising 2 announcement. I mean c'mon! A VIRAL WEBSITE IS NOT AN ANNOUNCEMENT.

I still love you dead rising 2.

codyodiodi3043d ago

Like super light bright 128.

NYC_Gamer3043d ago

thats how i feel every time capcom claims to have some new game announcement

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The story is too old to be commented.