Nintendo: Wii and DS Demand "Declined"

Nintendo UK general manager David Yarnton has admitted that demand for the Wii and DS has "declined".

Speaking this morning, Yarnton blamed falling demand for the Wii and DS on the "cycle" and the recession, but made a point of saying everybody was in the same boat.

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HarryM3015d ago

Once everyone in the World has one, who else is there to sell it to? :P

iforgotmylogin3015d ago

Agree. after a while if everyone has one is it bad?
like you want nintendo to just go to hospitals and just give Ds's to babys or something...

thinking outloud everything has declined people are bored. I am waiting for the 3DS

turok3015d ago

Alot of people have them and uk releases take more time than any other region.