For The Third Time In History, Xbox 360 Is Number One

The Xbox 360, a venerable console launched by its maker, Microsoft, in 2005. Many doubted whether Redmond would survive a run against Sony and its viable PS3, but look what has happened: Not only has the Xbox 360 sold more units than the PS3, it’s even giving Nintendo’s Wii Competition. And now, according to the NPD, Xbox 360 Slim is number one for the third time in history.

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Wizziokid3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

It outsold the Wii???
that's just crazy talk

ConanOBrien3043d ago ShowReplies(2)
Donny3043d ago

will come back to this article just to look at it in disgust.

RatFuker3043d ago Show
Inside_out3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

While Sony and Kevin butthurt come up with desperate commercials, M$ schools them in the art of gaming on consoles. Make the best looking and playing games and they will come. I'm sure those sales have come at the expense of PS3.

This holiday when starting in September, M$ will begin it's march on the mighty Nintendo Wii...First Halo Reach, Then Fable 3, MOH, Crysis and COD Black ops. What, you don't think real gamers with any ability to read don't know ALL multi-plats sell, play and look better on the 360. They are all developed on 360.

Kinect will move alot of new 360's this holiday and they will be bought by the millions of Nintendo gamers that want the best system. This year hasn't even started for M$ with there biggest title's still to come and they are already way ahead.

P1NKY3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

Not trying to stamp on your parade. But, Wii gamers buying the "best" system. ??? PS3 Move is more like the Wii, im sure if any Wii gamers are willing to spend the extra money on either an Xbox or PS3, wouldn't they go for a PS3 considering they will already be familiar with the controls, they get Blu-Ray and FREE online. Don't forget Wii gamers won't want the hassle of Subsrciptions for online play, if they even want to go online.

Only time will tell.

Edit: Where's all the disagrees I was expecting? Come on, I mentioned PS3 in a Pro Xbox article.

BubblesDAVERAGE3043d ago

I think you really believe that bullshit you are saying

Denethor_II3043d ago

"M$ schools them in the art of gaming"

GOW3, Heavy Rain, LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted 2, ModNation, Infamous, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Demon's Souls, Resistance 1&2, Ratchet & Clank series Kilzone 2 and MGS4 are just some of the reasons I have enjoyed gaming on the PS3 so far( I don't list multi-plats as they are inconsequential to the defining of a platform, and would render any fanboy wars irrelevant).

You can't just come out and say "M$ will begin it's march on the mighty Nintendo Wii" just because Xbox had one good month, which was obviously due to the revised console being released. You sound like your getting a little ahead of yourself there son, but I do understand you're very exited.

You then go on to say "First Halo Reach, Then Fable 3, MOH, Crysis and COD Black ops. Let me brake that down for you and try to help you understand why you sound a bit silly. (Its okay its not your fault).

.Halo reach is not a system mover this late on in the 360's life cycle those fans already have their 360's.

.Fable 3. What evidence do you have to suggest that this game will move consoles. It certainly wasn't the most well received game by critics and gamers alike. Where do you hide your logic?

.MOH is a MULTI-PLAT game being developed on the PS3 defiantly not a system mover.

.Crysis, again is a MULTI-PLAT game optimised for the PC not a system mover.

.COD BO's AGAIN is a MULTI-PLAT that fails to represent a console unique abilities over its rival.

I conclude with this fact. You are obviously an idiot of such magnitude its proceeded only by your ignorance.

Persistantthug3043d ago

XBOX 360 has 2 unique games left this year....

1 of which, Halo, sells supremely well, but won't shift console units as its previous iteration earlier, because the franchise has already saturated its potential market.

Fable is one franchise that I'd like to try, but I'm unsure of its market potential. I'm sure it will be a nice game though.

As far as the multiplatform games, you clearly went into pure delusional mode since many of EA's games are led developed on the PS3 these days. In fact, most game developers have learned to do this.

keep in mind, we are in 2010...not 2007.....

Things change, cez of rage.

Good luck.

ranmafandude3043d ago

ms's going to win the holidays with 3 first person shooters, one rpg,and a wannabe eyetoy lol.

Spenok3042d ago

Forgetting about FF13 are we? How about Batman Arkham Asylum? Oh, and what about any of the Fifa games, or Resident evil 5? Maybe Bayonetta? And many more

More or less my point here is that not ALL multiplatform games sell, play, and look better on 360. I hate ignorant statements like this.

Oh, and did you forget that MoH, Crysis 2, and CoD is also on PC/PS3?

AND another thing, you obviously dont know much about gameing when you say that all Multiplatform games are ALL developed on the 360. Many start on PC first, many more developers are moveing to the PS3 as there lead platform such as with MoH, Vanquish, and many others. Even still more are developing all games simultaniously. So please shut your fanboy dribble, no one wants to hear it.

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sikbeta3043d ago

You can't take this serious... I mean some crowd will not be cheerleading this, look at the title again:

"[[For The Third Time In History]], Xbox 360 Is Number One"

Considering that x360 has 5 years in the market, it's not something to celebrate, that's why this article is done this way, it's trying to flame....

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Karooo3043d ago

flamebait from gamethrist.

Price drop + new console expected so stupid.

CrippleH3043d ago

It's mostly because of the $150 fire sell on all the older models.

ironfist923043d ago being the worst gaming console this gen.

*suddenly feels cold shiver down spine*

edhe3043d ago

That shiver would be the god of humour disowning you.

yippiechicken3043d ago

Dude, you are on a roll today!


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