Final Fantasy XV needs to ignore fan feedback

Play-mag says: "Square Enix aren't sure where the future of Final Fantasy lies. I have a suggestion: don't let it lie where the voice of internet criticism tells you it should."

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xztence3014d ago

Square heres one golden tip.

you want it?

let me spell it out : G.O B.A.C.K. T.O Y.O.U.R R.O.O.T.S

your welcome

Ocelot5253014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

another tip

use some anisotropic filtering in your games square, all of the
textures of FF13 were ruined by the lack of AF

what's the point of of high-res textures without AF?

WildArmed3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

lol.. Square wants Final Fantasy to be like uncharted 2 -.-
That's stupid..
Why not call the next FF, Another Fantasy 15 instead =/
Because at this point, they are too busy making JRPGs into FPS games (as said by the director MULTIPLE TIMES)

Btw, I loved FF13.. but it was far from the best.

ExplosionSauce3014d ago

Instead, ignore feedback from those who never cared for the series or the JRPG genre in general.

Listening to these people and trying to please them, is what has led to what is know as FFXIII(13).

This dumb idea Yoichi Wada has with "breaking into the Western market" by changing their methods so radically is silly.
The FF series and the genre have already broken into this market for years. There is a large group of people who are already fans. Others, who couldn't get into it or simply don't like it, will more than likely never buy these games anytime soon.

If Square Enix wants to capture these people, then make a whole new game/series for them. Don't ruin the formula of the series and genre people have grown to like!

/end rant. Sorry :P

vsr3014d ago

The maximum limit for the WRPG sales is 3-4 million units. But a JRPG can achieve 10 million sales e.g. FF7. Please don't beleive the western press. use your own analysis.

A JRPG FF13 sales are 5 million units. It outsold WRPG like fallout,masseffect already.

- A true final fantasy fan -

Reibooi3014d ago

Personally I agree with the article.

The game was well reviewed by most of the critics out there. There were problems with the game of course and that can be said for every game it was not perfect but still a well reviewed game nonetheless.

If you were to never look at a review of the game and listen to nothing but the rampant flame wars and bashing of the game one would expect it to have a metacritic rating of like 10 but when you look it's 83 which is pretty good.

The point is the game was reviewed well and it sold well. If there are things that fans of the series didn't like they need to be mature and state what they wish would be changed and the issues they had with the game.

Sitting on the web going "FFXIII SUCKED SO MUCH IT WAS SUCH A PIECE OF CRAP I NEVER EVEN FINISHED IT!!!" Doesn't do a thing to help SE know why you didn't like it or what they need to fix and change.

Colonel-Killzone3014d ago

Ignore what the fans says and see if the games will sell. Who cares what critics say sometimes. They don't buy the game we do.

HereticDan3014d ago

Perhaps Colonel-Killzone has a point after all, i mean there are so many angry fans on the internet who disliked the game that it must have failed horribly and not sold as at all. Its not as if Final Fantasy XIII is the fastest selling game in the series. Oh wait, yes it is

sikbeta3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

ignore fan feedback?

Oh, yeah... Great, SE do whatever you want, forget about Fans who actually buy the games, you want to make a FPS-FF, go all for it, but remember, after so much changes, there will be no turn back and when those fans who really care about the franchise don't support those games anymore, you'll end up losing more than what you expected to obtain...

Sony3603014d ago

Ignore the screaming console fantards who feel as if square owes them something, and act like they know how to develop video games.

Develop what you want to develop for, on as many consoles as you want to, and make it as best as you can on all of them.

P.S. Like this guy said, go back to your roots. :)

Garnett3014d ago

Go back to Nintendo exclusive? That is their roots.. Not playstation..

Capt-FuzzyPants3013d ago

I agree completely. Theyre trying to make major changes and they dont work. They fixed something that wasnt broken and it almost ruined it. FF 13 wassnt that bad but it wasnt even close to terrific.

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DA_SHREDDER3014d ago

I have to disagree with this article. I think if Squeenix doesn't listen to their fans they are gonna end shooting themselves in the foot.

Natsu X FairyTail3014d ago

They already shot themselves in the foot by listening to the western audience and making Final fantasy XIII more western. You see how that came out?

Me I'm just saying if they want the game to be good just make a JRPG.

Look at how well NamcoBandai are doing with games like Tales.

Best rpg series out there IMO. I buy the Console games the Portable games etc etc. I'm just waiting for a new one on ps3 or xbox and ill be buying again.

Ingram3014d ago

Agreed with the rest of your post but IMHO, NOBODY except pussy shareholders, PR people, and marketing department asked for it.No fan of final fantasy that I know likes the path the games are taking.

They became too big in about 2002 or so, and started to declare themselves things like "We want to appeal the western audience" CONSTANTLY.

And people saying "No!" and Squeenix saying "You'll like it"

Aaaaand here they are, programming such shovelware as Crystal defenders, distributing such things as "My pet shop" and being proud of an underdesigned dull mix of MTV videos called FF XIII.

DA_SHREDDER3014d ago

Im talking about their real fans. People who want Squeenix to stop westernizing their games. Not the fans who's first final fantasy was FFX-2

Reibooi3014d ago

The point is that the VAST majority of people who have been bashing the game or the series in the general are not FANS they are just the idiots on the web with the loudest voice and SE may be listening to people who will never be pleased regardless of what they do.

Ocelot5253014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

@Natsu X FairyTai

the idea of making it more western was good, the execution was flawed.

Reibooi3014d ago


Making a game more western to appeal to people is a bad idea and Final Fantasy XIII is proof of that. If they don't make the game THEY want to make it won't come out as good as it should.

A perfect example of this is Versus XIII. From all we have heard it's a much more traditional Final Fantasy game and that's because it's the game Nomura WANTS to make. He is 100% in control of that project and is making the game HE wants to make and because of that it looks much better. But the concept from the start of Final Fantasy XIII was to try to get it to appeal to the western audiences and the outcome was what we got. While I still loved the game it had it's flaws the VAST majority of which were caused by trying to make the game more western.

Ingram3014d ago

While I find your 2.2 post unfair on the basis that Squeenix really deserves all the uneducated flak is getting,(and that's because final fantasy XIII is IMO truly unworthy and shallow), I agree with your 2.4 comment.

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phantomexe3014d ago

Go back to story driven rpgs and stop trying to push grafics.

ClownBelt3014d ago

Huh? FF 13 is a very story driven game. In fact, it's so story driven that there weren't any distractions aside from the hunts.

Hotel_Moscow3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

final fantasy 13 didnt exactly push graphics

what i have taken from all the comments is that

fans wanted more of the same not something different if it was under a different name it probably wouldnt have as much hate as it does now since the only thing people do is compare it to other final fantasys and not judge he game on its own merits

phantomexe3014d ago

Dude ff13 blows chunks and the story was nothing compared to what SE use to do or maybe you wasn't around for ff6 or ff3 in the states.They spend to much time on makeing it look good.

va_bank3014d ago

When all the features that made a game a success are removed and nothing new is added - it's not "different" it's a rip-off.

Hotel_Moscow3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

va bank proves my case

comparing it against other final fantasys

you guys dont like it because they tried something new i like it because they tried something new

just like adam sessler said"it may not be the game that fans want but its the game the genre needs innovative and that ability to take chances even if they dont pan out"

its something all developers need to do

phantomexe3012d ago

hotel no you don't get it. Can you really say that the story in ff games today are as deep as the once was Really. I love rpgs and i get yes they need to try new things but gimping the story... you know that thing that draws you into the game and makes rpgs what they are. When is comes to at least rich storys if its not broke don't fix it.

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Game-ur3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

When have Square Enix ever listened to the fans? That’s news to me.

The only fans Wada cares about are Call of Duty players.

Game-ur3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Sorry double post @%$#

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