Dragon Age 2: Game Informer High-Res-Scans Are Back Online

Just released - again. After the orginal source removed the scans, they are back on. Tons of new information, tons of new screenshots. Looks great and gory. Check the link.

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4221853019d ago

I really hope Fallout New Vegas can entertain me from October to March when Dragon Age 2 comes out.

tdrules3019d ago

Still not feeling the fact there's only one race.
But if they can perfect it then i don't think theres too much to worry about

NeoBasch3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Well, they probably realized how long it took to develop those Origin stories and concurrent dialog, and would rather focus on one single campaign without being ambiguous. Honestly, I think it's nice. I hope the gameplay is structured a bit better now. Well, that and the missions lose the free form style of play. Being more like Mass Effect 2 is never a bad thing. The goal is to be careful not to borrow too heavily. I still want Dragon Age 2; just a more improved Dragon Age 2.

yoshiroaka3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I honestly prefer the more focused approach the the story in dragon age this time around.
I played dragon age on as a human and never really cared to be any other race.
Im sure there are still going to be many epic decisions an choices just as deep as the first one. You just not going to be able to do them as an elf. Big whoop. Its not ideal to cut it out but it doesnt destroy the game.

Im glad they are kicking up the presentation of the game to be on a level of mass effect. Not having my character voiced in dragon age after playing mass effect felt very weird.

As for the complaint of not getting to continue as your dragon age one character....


my dragon age guy died at the end!!! So i wasnt expecting to be him in part 2. But seeing as i am the only one who mentioned this in all the Dragon age articles ive seen so far, i must be the only one who chose not to diddle morrigan and unleash a demon hellspawn baby.

Forbidden_Darkness3019d ago

On one of my playthroughs i let myself die, but hopefully i can use multiple DAO save for different playthroughs

N4BmpS3019d ago

I still need to play Dragon Age I, but I really want to play II. I have yet to get this issue, I think that's normal though, I always see Gameinformer on the net before I see it.

IcemanHH213019d ago

Dragon age was Great ! so good and the story is very good, it feels like you are in control and stuff , just one thing , the click and attack, needs to change or add some excitement to the combat.