Videogame dry spell

Ever started to play a game only for it not to grip your attention? Ever lost all enthusiasm for all games, even the ones you really want to play? Ever been so stressed that you have lost the will to play anything?

Simon Weatherall of This Is My Joystick looks at his gaming dry spell, and how he turned it from having no gaming appetite to being even more hungry for games.

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The_Zeitgeist3016d ago

I too have experienced this. Right in the middle of Red Dead Redemption. It only lasted a week though.

Quagmire3016d ago

I just take a look at the overwhelming increase of amazing titles i need to purchase and play, that i just let out a sigh and consider giving up gaming. Of course the effect is only temporary, but yes, it happens.

ironfist923016d ago

Exactly how i feel when i start up a MP game. Absolutley no motivation whatsoever.

Kill. Die. Respawn. Rinse. Repeat. The same for all MP games.

At least with single player, there is a decent story allowing me to continue playing just to know what happens next.

zerocool33973016d ago

When I wrote this I figured that other people would have similar dry spells. Its a shame when it happens and its strange how your feelings change towards gaming. I definitely felt relieved after it was all over though.

skulldrey3016d ago

Being a journalist myself, this happens to me more often than not. The 'Dry Spell' hits me a lot as far as new games go. They lack the fun levels of older games ( to me ).

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