Xbox Live Cheating

Kombo: "One of the most comical occurrences I have encountered on Xbox Live is account suspensions, especially the ones labeled as cheater accounts. There are some players who blatantly flaunt their cheating and treat Microsoft as an evil state when they are caught, whereas others plead their innocence on bended knees, proclaiming their friend or little brother did it without their knowledge. The latter is of course the most amusing."

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ClownBelt3042d ago

That kind of excuse always happens on MMO when a mod or admin bans a user. It's quite hilarious, yet mind numbing. Obvious lie is obvious. Lol

I_find_it_funny3042d ago

"No one really cares what anybody else is scoring" true

pangitkqb3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

I don't know anybody that cares about my gamerscore or that of anyone else aside from their own. I don't give two $#!T$ if someone I encounter has five times the score i have. (In fact, it makes me think they must be some kind of gaming hermit. How can you have a score that high and still have a successful love/social/professional life? honestly?)

Moving on, cheaters should be banned, their scores should be forfeit, and if they keep it up they should be denied access to online multiplayer entirely. Why? If they insist on cheapening and/or ruining the experiences of others they don't deserve to play. Play fair or don't play at all.

codyodiodi3042d ago

And that is why they complain so much when they are caught. They can't play legit because they are terrible, so they act like a child and cheat, when caught they act like a child again.

dalibor3042d ago

Cheaters should cheat in a private match otherwise play fair and square.

BeaArthur3042d ago

I don't understand achievement boosting, I like achievements and trophies but I don't care enough about them to play games I don't want to play and/or cheat to get a higher score. Besides they're not really achievements if you didn't earn them.

EastCoastSB3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

It's hilarious people waste their time to boost theirs when no one cares about what it actually is. I'm not bashing achievements because earning the challenging ones is always an awesome feeling. I just think that boosting is a massive waste of time.

I also think MS's brand of punishment is hysterical for these people.

raWfodog3042d ago

I never understood the purpose of cheating at a video game. I would understand it more (not condone) if there was prize money involved or awards awarded but there aren't so...

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