New Oddworld Games Confirmed

Ironstar:It gives me great pleasure to inform you guys that new Oddworld games are coming, yes I mean games. Abe's official twitter posted a link to a blog post from J.A.W, apparently they have been working with Oddworld Inhabitants for 12 months on multiple titles for multiple platforms.

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jneul3014d ago

I love oddworld hopefully it will grace the ps3, I remember when oddworld went to xbox, but as far as I remember it did not sell very well on there, so I think multiplatform is the way it will go.

Freak of Nature3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )


Strangers wrath did not get the backing from EA at the time.A real shame,because that game for it's time was a top 3 game IMO for the XBOX,really underated...

I think we will see some form of digital releases,on the HD systems...Lorne Lanning is real big on the idea of digital distribution,possibly episodic?.I quess the EA debacle from 5+ years ago really caused this way of thinking...

I believe guys from Psygnosis will be involved,you remember the team that brought some of the best games on the Amiga in the 90's...

PS Nation podcast is supposed to be bringing more news and details later tonite...

Such a wonderful creative company,when I hear Oddworld,Media Molecule or Team ICO,I get giddy...

Venox20083014d ago

they could release different games on: Wii, DS &PSP, Xbox360 & PS3 :)

TrevorPhillips3014d ago

I loved Oddworld, it was the first thing I played when PS1 first came out in AUS.

Looking forward to it :D

justlikeme3014d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.