Hands On with Microsoft's Kinect at NYC Macy's

You seen it in magazines. You seen it at E3. Now you can get a chance to play it at a very few participating Macy's outlet throughout America. Luckily for us, they just happened to have one in NYC.'s staff had an opportunity to get their hands on time with Microsoft's new product, Kinect. Exclusive on hands gameplay with Joy Ride, Kinectinamals, and Raquetball is here. Personal insight is given, how would we rate the Kinect? Watch the video.

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Godmars2903070d ago

Like actual gamers aren't going to try - and ridicule - the thing to negative effect.

And what is a grown man doing playing with Skittles?

brazilianbumpincher3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

ridiculous........... if it was one isolated incident id keep my reservations but everyone has given the same feedback

techradar gave the best analysis because they spent along time with it

but microsofts marketing is full of very clever

Rumor3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

next year, ms is going to release the kinect motion S 4g 2x plus + turbo

$199, more responsive, not bc with current kinect games, and they are going to discontinue all previous kinect support.

lol one can dream. on a serious note: i wonder if someone plays this whilst high...when reaction time is even slower!! aah, a great youtube video

jneul3070d ago

if ms do that I hope certain people realise how much they are basically getting scammed, I predict 2-5 years before ms realise that basically the current version of kinect is not good enough, in fact it will be so much like eyetoy was back in the day, but with 3d abilities, so yeah expect lots of glitches and flaws popping up everywhere

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iamnsuperman3070d ago

I thought the kinect lag was bad but this is really bad. Shame really. I have seen some video of it finding it hard to recognise small children. I think it was posted here a while back.

Bigpappy3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

This guy is a known internet PS3 fanboy, M$ hater and a frud. His report is for PS3 fanboys only. I also notice pleople are playing too close to this camera as apposed to what I have see in other hands ons. I am not saying whether there is lag or what ever, only that this guy is not trust worthy in any fasion. M$ does need to put people out there to setup and aid users for these demo though.

blusoops3069d ago

So are u gonna want an MS representative at ur house when u bring home kinect?? LOL
If it's not intuitive enough for the "casuals" at macy's to figure out on their own then it kind of already failed.

Not saying that's what's happening, just responding to ur quote.

And not everyone that critizises kinect is a PS3 fanboy in disguise.

warzonegamer3069d ago

lmfaoooo fanboy okay dude if you say so

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rroded3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

well r u?

for 150, 100, 50...?

or the casual for 350+

jus dont see em flying off the shelves tho the pet game is oodles of cute lol

mauleriscool3070d ago

They thought putting it in macy's would attract girls and soccer moms.

shoddy3070d ago

that's why most xbox guy don't mind paying for XBL.
I know cause my cousine in portland just bought a xbox slim from his birthday money and gave away his old xbox.

T9X693070d ago

I plan on heading down there in the next few days, I will definitely try some stupid shit just to see if it works lol

ironmonkey3070d ago

huge fail. the games dont even kinect people to it. they look more lost than intrigued.

beardpapa3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

lol at the ladies at 4:00 completely ignored the setup. ms got this all wrong. they should put kinect demos in the mall. not in a department store!

the first thing women do when they walk into a department store like macys or nordstroms is head over to the shoe section and then maybe the makeup section and bags after that. teenage girls? they don't go to department stores! they got hollister for their needs.

and poor warzonegamer. when he's starting up kinect adventures, he's probably thinking if he had a controller, all he'd need to do is press X or start to begin the game.

edit: oh yea warzonegamer, if ur reading this comment, not meaning to be racist or offend you but you do have dark skin. wasn't there an article that said kinect had difficulty tracking dark people? or was that debunked?

warzonegamer3069d ago

lmfaoo idk man im a tall dude so this thing had a hard time getting all of me im making a video today talking about the lag of this

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HarryM3070d ago

Showing Kinect having lag issues as well as reading movement issues. I don't know what's going to happen to Kinect anymore. >_>

wazzim3070d ago


And nor will you if you play with family, because it is NOT serious play but just for fun and it will not be that broken to kill the fun.

Sure disagree but the Wii is a perfect example, Wii sports controls not precise and accurate at ALL but still sold millions along the Wii.


kasasensei3070d ago

You are probably right dude. About the wii. But i do not know if people will come to kinect like they did for the wii. There is no revolution here, the revolution was brought by nintendo 3 years ago. And i do not know if there are so much stupid people that would accept to buy a new technology that does not work better than the old one.
We will see if Microsoft summons the god of marketing again, to sell wagons of it.
For me, i am not interested anymore in that product. And that is my definitive statement about it.

Biggest3070d ago

If after watching this you're happy with the product, so be it. Enjoy your Kinect. These videos are probably as close to real life as one can get. This is better than a review. It is visual proof of how well the Kinect works. No spin. No promises. No lies. The Kinect and $60 game bundle is not worth $200. I know for a 100% fact that WalMart is selling a Kinect bundle for that price. It is not worth it. It isn't even worth the $60 that the game costs. But if you're impressed, have fun.

wazzim3070d ago

Nobody here is impressed by Kinect, not even the most hardcore of the fanboy's.

But that isn't my point, my point was that core gamers are the only one who will really complain about the issues, casuals will buy a 360+Kinect and play it once at Christmas

Assuming that it will have good marketing ofcourse, because without marketing nothing will really succeed in the mass market.

warzonegamer3070d ago

i have about 8 video's so if you want go to the site and see the rest of them

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ClownBelt3070d ago

The third video was kinda disturbing...

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