Indie Developer To Epic's Mark Rein: "F*** Off"

The games industry air is turning blue once again as Cliff Harris of Positech Games (Gratuitous Space Battles and Democracy 2) relates a rather unpleasant encounter with Epic's Mark Rein.

In response to Rein's apparently derisive attitude at a Develop Conference panel at which Harris was speaking, the developer says: "If Mark [Morris] from introversion suggests I'm doing it wrong, that's cool ... But Triple-A studio bosses trying to lecture me on how to communicate better with gamers? Fuck off."

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SOAD3043d ago

Interesting. I don't know how to feel about this. Mark Rein is the head of a very large company so obviously he doesn't have one on one conversations with customers and he has the right to think it's pointless but he was just being a dick at that press conference. At the same time, if Microstudios wish to find greater success they need to expand their horizons. If they're going to listen to the wishes of a single customer, then what's the difference between that customer and the design leader for the game. Might as well hire the customer, eh?

evrfighter3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

Mark Rein is has been out of touch with gamers for years. My beef with him is that he blames piracy for that crappy generic shooter UT3 on the pc.

Nevermind the fact that before UT3. We had Unreal, Unreal II, Unreal Tournament, and UT2k4. All the same damn game. with a higher resolution and better textures. At that point the pc community had moved on.

We had TF2, Cod4, ET: Quake Wars, Crysis, and UT3 release within 2 MONTHS of each other. Guess which games we didn't want (coincidence the ceo's of the 3 games we didn't buy blamed piracy???? though Crysis did go on to sell a couple million when the hardware caught up). TF2 and Cod4 will easily make an insane amount of people's top5 fps games of all time lists.

so in short.

"hey Mark Rein... Fuck Off"

Inside_out3043d ago

I don't believe it myself. Who is this guy. I heard from a guy, who was sitting next to a guy who's brother works for a person who saw Mark Rein from epic make a comment I didn't

Everybody wants to hate anybody who is successful. There are alot of recorded interviews with Mr Rein. He seems to know a thing or two about making money and making games that people like to play. I never heard of the guy complaining. Is this the new way to get attention for your crappy games???

Silly gameAr3043d ago

Why do you ALWAYS sound so angry?

ppazuzu3043d ago

Well ... you can suggest Harris made it up I guess, but he's relating a first-hand account and was on a panel with three other people. I think it would be unwise to fabricate a story in those circumstances.

GrilledCheeseBook3042d ago

he's a fairly successful indie developer who makes fairly good games
They make a lot of simulation games and he used to work for lionhead. He is the developer that asked pirates why they pirate games and he then decided to lower the prices of his games and remove all drm from them

Godmars2903043d ago

These' too many examples of big publishers either churning out crap, or stealing then ruining IP from small dev houses. Just so they can sell to more people.

A game doesn't have to make enough profit to buy stockholders a yacht.

MrRaveDave3043d ago

yes it does.

Otherwise people wouldn't invest in your games if there's no attractive return...

Games are business, businesses make money quite simply

Godmars2903043d ago

but its too easy for a game like Gratuitous Space Battles to be ignored if they have to go though an EA or Activision. Especially Activision.

If the guys who make the game then make enough back to reward what few investors they had to go to and live off, that should be enough. It shouldn't have the money-hats dictating how the game is made so it sells to the most people.

MrRaveDave3043d ago

good point :-)

but then the market dictates what sells a truckload and what doesnt. im always baffled why people buy COD, guitar hero, fifa and smackdown year in year out....last COD game i bought was modern warfare, the others are too much of the same.

What happened to devs respecting each others work too? im sure this has all been blown out of proportion by the 'media' though. If you can call a bunch of bloggers, enthusiasts and corporate sites that

DelbertGrady3043d ago

Mark Rein seems to be quite the douche.

Letros3043d ago

Probably spends his sundays playing golf with Kotick.

Spenok3043d ago

Well just look at who works under Mark, Cliffy B. :/

RememberThe3573043d ago

Well fucking said Positech's Cliff Harris. Mark Rein wanted to be a jerkoff and you called him out on it. I'd clap but I'm typing and that would seem weird. You sir deserve an Old Spice scent named after you.

peowpeow3043d ago

I love those ads hahaha

garos823043d ago

i cant stand arrogant people in general. the industry's "greats"should nuture and help indie developers and who knows they could gain a massive new ip one day from creative minds of those who trully have passion for the industry.

mark rein- FUCK YOU

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