Activision Must Start Charging for Call of Duty Online Play, says Pachter

Following the recent NPD sales report, which revealed software sales plummeting 15% for the month of June, Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter tried to figure out exactly what the heck has been going on. June marks the fourth negative month of decline this year, but why?

Pachter said part of the problem stems from Nintendo now bundling two games in with the Wii, and many consumers buying clearance software with their new, cheaper Xbox 360s. The bigger issue, however, is the rise of online multiplayer gaming, which obviously gives any game more replay value, which in turn means that those players are less inclined to go out and buy new software.

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snipermk03017d ago

Dear pachter.. seriously, just STFU.

lociefer3017d ago

Pachter your stupid and ur not an analyst, says lociefer

Blacktric3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Economic system works like this; when there is a huge demand for a product, it's price will be raised or stay the same. When demand starts decreasing or already decreased below a predetermined level (or if they find a new manufacturing type which decreases the usage of raw materials) , price will be cut. So Pachter probably thinks like this. Personally I think it's stupid and it'll just stop the most gamers from buying the Call Of Duty games. And since they already upped the prices for MW 2 I think they just don't have to do that anymore. But as long as Kotick is sitting on that CEO chair, nothing will be clear.

evrfighter3017d ago

"The bigger issue, however, is the rise of online multiplayer gaming, which obviously gives any game more replay value, which in turn means that those players are less inclined to go out and buy new software"

Don't know if this is Pachter saying this. But this is correct. Just look at the used gaming market. Developers feel they are entitled to some of the cash that flows through that market.

Pretty soon as Activision's sales start declining (due to mediocrity and lack of quality). I can seriously see Kotick pinning the blame on the online realm and that to stay in business they need to charge for online play. Of course this would be a blatant lie.

Look closely. He mentions about a year ago that the cod user would pay to play. Shortly after it's published that WoW makes 77% of Activision's revenue, he's calling to Dell or HP to make a plug and play video gaming pc. A platform where it's free to play online and no licenses are involved (he can charge $59 and make more money as mw2 on pc has proven.)

He wants a subscription model for cod insanely bad. It's only a matter of time before it happens imo.

FURY__UNLEASHED3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Pachter sucks.

WildArmed3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

yeah no kidding

Why would they charge for online play?
When they can release a DLC maps that costs 15 bucks every 2 months!
Coz you know everyone is going to buy em lol

shoddy3017d ago

this is the reason I don't get an xbox.

badz1493017d ago

will entitle him to get higher paycheck like Kotick? This guy is CRAZY!

rockleex3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

Laggy P2P online gameplay that never had a beta and is full of glitches/hacks?

On top of already releasing $15 map packs that include old maps from previous COD's?

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deadreckoning6663017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

He gets paid to give his opinion and make predictions. If I were him, keeping my mouth open would be on top of my to do list. And hes not far off when he says that Activision must start charging for COD Online Play. It would be a very smart business move. Hell, I wouldn't buy into that shit..but I know PLENTY who wouldn't mind paying.

Lets not forget that COD games are the most played games online between the 360 and the PS3. If Activision can trick the consumer into thinking they are getting a good deal by throwing in free DLC with a "COD online subscription", then Activision would gain more revenue. If people are willing to pay $15 bux for a couple of maps...anything is possible.

"Pachter your stupid and ur not an analyst"

YUP. Pachter is sooooo stupid that he probably makes a better living than you do...and all he has to do is make guesses ;)

@KingKiff- Idk, if u were the one who disagreed with me, but I never said it was "right", I just said thats the way it is. Its called capitalism and the gaming industry is a business. If ur mad at this "sick sad world we live in these days" then I suggest you blame the gamers who keep buying into Activision's crap.

KingKiff3017d ago

It's a sick sad world we live in these days.

I for one will not pay any sub fees for any game ever. If it comes out with sub fees I simply will not buy full stop.

Still it would be interesting to see how this would pan out with Xbox gamers already paying for live.

Gago3017d ago

all of his predictions have always been wrong

WildArmed3017d ago

I dont know if you've done any MMO-gaming.
Most of it is p2p.. it sucks :(

Yeah, personally I believe in pay once, and it's yours.

But the world thinks otherwise -.-
Stupid FF14 monthly fees lol

hassi943014d ago

12 million people still playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2? In your dreams. That's over half the bought copies and I know at least 3/4 of the total possible user base got bored of that game a while ago.

They wouldn't ever do multiplayer fees on Black Ops as it has already been largely preordered, and announcing it would be pay-to-play after they've already got a few million preorders would have the largest backlash and worst press in video game history. Stop being such a douche Pachter and think a little.

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NYPunkster3017d ago

the min they start charging for online access is the min I burn/break/fling out the window my COD games.

Rainstorm813017d ago

and as soon as they start charging for COD MP, thats when COD will fall off as the top FPS......MW2's problems already have alot of games turning thier backs, this will be the dagger for many other gamers.

Then with the many many FPS games being released, another game will just take its place.

blumatt3017d ago

If they do it, the game better not cost more than $20 itself. Even still, I won't buy Call of Duty ever again. I'm probably not going to anyway.

P1NKY3016d ago

Charging for COD online is stupid. But the people it will effect most are the Xbox users who will have to pay for 2 seperate subscriptions just to play COD.

I dont play COD because I dont particuly like it, however I hope they don't do this because if they do and most people continue to play then what sort of message is that sending to the other devs.

Silver3603016d ago

But there are a ton of shooters out there and unless you have to pay to play all of them, putting a price on CoD will just be a barrier to playing the game. When will these people get it through their heads the economy has changed. Our money is held closer these days. We need more value for our dollar since we worked for it. And these video game publishers want to double dip on us. I say hell no they charge stop buying their damn game.

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RememberThe3573017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Doesn't this happen every year? It's summer. These analysts are acting like they have never heard of the summer drought.

jagstatboy3016d ago

Yep, just another excuse to rape us. Their greed will be their downfall.

dizzleK3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

i've been buying cheaper games and more used stuff. unless it's a game i need to play day 1, i'm done paying $60 for games. i've been relying on gamefly for new releases. i've played some decent stuff like singularity but it will certainly wait for a price drop. no offense to anyone but with deals and sales at places like amazon or various trade-in offers and the like, you'd have to be a sucker to pay full price for games. i love the hobby but i love saving money even more.

NeutralGamer3015d ago

I recently discovered that all the games I have been buying from August 2009 together have a value of 690 $..

I'm also done paying 60 bucks for games.. Just got Gears of War 2 for 5 bucks the other day : D

ZombieNinjaPanda3017d ago

They must start charging for online play on P2p Servers? Explain that one?

KingKiff3017d ago

They would need dedicated servers for most people to make the sub fees worth while.

This could be bad. Xbox users paying for live, then game sub fees all for lousy P2P connections? That's all good for MMORGP's and RTS's but not FPS games where ping matters.

DJKGBYF3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

They would need more than just dedicated servers to warrant a subscription fee.

evrfighter3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

dedicated servers with 1000 slots would be worth considering...on pc

however if battlefield were to go that route...just thinking about the armor and aerial carnage leaves me drooling.

bomber formations escorted by fighter squadrons to drop their payload on a clan rollin heavy armor and helo's.


Microshock3017d ago

Yeah they "need" to. Because the game is doing so poorly in sales, right?

Oh and they have to pay for all those servers they're running..oh wait.

And all that beta testing they do every year? Oh.

Gray-Fox3017d ago

And don't forgot the free map packs they give away every 2 months ;)

jsc249jobal3017d ago

Don't forget the new game engine they have to develop every year =)