Come Get Your Final Starcraft II System Specs

Starcraft II is less than two weeks away, but many of you are still sweating on the game's final, official system requirements (for both PC and Mac) to see if you can play it or not. Well, here they are.

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dktxx23015d ago

I would say those are a little high, the recommended. The beta ran fine for me with an 8600gt, at Default settings.

Hallucinate3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

no the recommended isnt to high i run on a
dual core amd athlon 5200 @2.66ghz
hd radeon 4650
with about 2 gigs of ram
which is above recommended and i run on medium @ 30-60fps

ThanatosDMC3015d ago

Yeah, but it ran fine on a low end computer too.

ProjectVulcan3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

It seems normal to me. Mafia 2 tother day recommended a quad core and a 9800GTX. 8800GTX is no faster than the 9800GTX, 3870 certainly isnt. 3870 is there but its hardly much faster than a 65 dollar 4670. 2.4ghz dual probably refers to an athlon X2 or a core 2. In other words the top spec they put there is very modest in my eyes.

Slinkey3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

Blizzard said during the beta for highest graphically settings (ie max everything out) you need a 3870 or a 8800GTX. I was in the beta and I played with a 3870 with everything turned up and got 35-45 fps avg and only dipped below 30 curing the higher player count matches.

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kasasensei3015d ago

Since the game will be out for 3x50€/$ i am not interested any more.

CLOUD19833015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

u r wrong here in SC1 the campaigns was very small around 25-30 missions for all 3 races in SC2 u get 20-25 missions for each race on different disk + extra units, the other 2 disks with Zerg/Toss campaign will be an expansion with extra units.

SC2 will be the next competitive RTS on all over the world for the next 10 years at least, if u love SC1 then u must have it we r talking for the best RTS in the world.

I <3 SC cant w8 for launch!

moe843014d ago

Saying Kasasensei is wrong proves how much you don't pay attention. He simply stated that he isn't interested in paying 50 bucks for each installment. Reading comprehension ftw!

What you were saying is completely irrelevant to what Kasas said. Way to go!

Nihilism3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

It's clearly not optimised well it looks about on par with supreme commander 2, possibly worse, and I can run supreme commander with 400 units on screen all of the pathfinding their way and maneuvering around each other and still have above 40 frame with my 2.5 year old PC...the cpu benchmarks for starcraft are horrifically bad...

LOL @ the mac specs being higher...yep them apple macs sure are some fine tuned gaming machines...

somekindofmike3015d ago

who ever said apple macs were gaming machines? apart from the desperate fanboys of course :) but nobody ever listens to what they say anyway.

distorted_reality3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

@ dchalfont - You sir, are a dickhead.

OT - the specs are pretty low really, considering most games these days specify a C2D or equivelant. The difference between a current gen dual core and the old athlon and first batch C2D's is pretty massive.

Newtype3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

Dude, why do you brag about your computer when it's not that good to begin with?

"LOL @ the mac specs being higher...yep them apple macs sure are some fine tuned gaming machines..."

Dude, a Macpro can rape your cheapass computer. You think IMacs are Apple's highend? Try benchmarking vs a nehalem Macpro with 32 GB of DDR3 and a 5970. And don't try the, "games can't use macs" cough*boot camp*cough

My Specs:
i7 940 (2.93)
ASUS PT6 Premium
6GB DDR3 Corsair Dominator
160 GB SSD
ATI Radeon 5750 (Will be upgrading to 5870 in tri-configuration)
AZZA Full Tower

Nihilism3015d ago

lol what a budget ass video card you have, my pc is 2.5yrs old and it is twice as powerful as yours

[email protected]

I don't even need to mention the other specs, go have a look at some benchmarks, so how much was that pre built POS? did you get it from tarfet?

gietzy3015d ago

Lol, the only way you can troll macs is by saying they aren't as good as PC at doing something a mac isn't designed for but a pc is? How many gamers do you know who bought a mac for gaming? So much fail.

Newtype3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

have you EVER heard of boot camp? Macs CAN do what PCs do.

"On PC they're quite managable, on Mac they're way too high though."

Just run Mac in bootcamp, problem solved.

gietzy3015d ago

Yeah but the system requirements are for macs running OSX. A MAC built system running Windows has the same system requirements as a PC.

BYE3015d ago

On PC they're quite managable, on Mac they're way too high though.

Seems like Mac is suffering the same problems the PS3 has when it comes to programming difficulty.

shqype3015d ago

I would disagree, since a PS3 is technologically superior to its competition, while a Mac isn't.

BYE3015d ago

You're missing the point, I was talking about difficulties in architecture.

somekindofmike3014d ago

I can't imagine OSX is built with gaming in mind, probably why a game running through OSX demands a higher spec machine than the same game running through windows.

Either way, the specs for running the game on OSX are still pretty low, machines that are 3/4 years old shouldn't have a problem.

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