Gamrreview: Deathspank (XBLA and PSN)

Fans of Monkey Island should know that Ron Gilbert as one of the creators behind the first two games in the series. Deathspank is the latest experiment in humor-induced gaming from Mr. Gilbert and it promised to be a mix of Tales from Monkey Island hilarity and Diablo style gameplay. These are lofty goals and while Deathspank does have a twinge of both, it doesn’t quite achieve the levels of quality of either series.

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Duke_Silver3016d ago

I haven't really heard too much about this game, thanks for the review!

HeroXIV3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

I bought it day 1 and it's really, REALLY good. It's a cross between Torchlight and Monkey Island. Addictive gameplay, long for it's price, has leaderboards/trophies/achievem ents etc! I can recommend this and a lot of sites seem to be giving it around 8/10.

rdgneoz33016d ago

I got it as well, I love the humor in it. Orphan: "Are you here to save me?" Me: "Get in the bag, future criminal."

Duke_Silver3015d ago

I'll have to check it out....loved Torchlight