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Prcko3015d ago

sry about duplicate,but now we can celebrate oddworld coming back yay!!!!

UnSelf3015d ago

theyre just NOW bringing it back?

what an odd world we live in

Cevapi883015d ago

oh ho ho....look at you being Senor Smarty Pants ;)

Galaxia3014d ago

Can't wait for more news on this!

I just played through the PS1 Oddworld games not to long ago and bought one of the Xbox titles. I picked a good time to get back into the series it seems.

T9X693015d ago

Oddworld is sooooooooooo old, but still a great game.

NecrumSlavery3015d ago

Oddworld still holds it own against anything out today.

skwidd3014d ago

Correct Necrum. I hope they make it a platformer and continue the Abe story though. I never got into the 3d Oddworld games.

Cajun Chicken3015d ago


Serious Sam HD, then MDK2, Then Medievil, now Oddworld... awesome IP revival time, people? Gimme Rollcage HD dammit!

skwidd3014d ago

Rollcage was awesome!! So was Colony Wars!

0oAngeluso03015d ago

Wonder if this will still be the case?

Cajun Chicken3015d ago

No way. Not going to happen. MS dumped publishing the last game Stranger's Wrath, then OI quickly grouped with EA, whom completely forgot to market the existence of the game.

In short. MS put OI on flatline, right back in the XBOX days, they'll never make that mistake again. On the other hand, the game MS went ahead with instead was Crimson Skies.

Also, the 'Oddbox' for Steam will have all 4 games (including ports of both XBOX games) and will be published by OI themselves.

ChronoJoe3014d ago

Not anymore.

Publishers funding the games owned 50% 'interest' in the company, first that was Atari, then passed onto Microsoft, then EA... now? I'm not really sure who there publishers going to be.

The most likely choice would be that it'd be the same as the developers last game. Sony Computer Entertainment. It's quite possible they'll have gone with another publisher though.

Then again, they might remember how Sony console treated the Oddworld series very well, and Sony are in contact with Oddworld Inhabitants of late, which is seen as the Playstation one Oddworld games have just been placed onto the store.

Either way, as a franchise Oddworld has been very inconsistent as to which playform it has been on, and has been often illogically exclusive. So it could be anything, or all, really.

Godmars2903015d ago

And didn't MS buy the license?

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The story is too old to be commented.