Microsoft: Retail Demand for 360 Slim 'Remains High' as Sales Jump 88%

Following the NPD data Microsoft commented, "Retail demand for the new Xbox 360 250GB console remains high, and retailers continue to order as many units as Microsoft is able to supply. Collectively, Microsoft has also heard from retailers around the U.S. that Kinect and its related games are a top priority this holiday."

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dizzleK3019d ago

if the rumors of the redesigned arcade with 4 gigs built-in are true, it's gonna sell like hotcakes. only the most craven fanboy cultist wouldn't buy one.

Colonel-Killzone3019d ago

LMFAO your post is hilarious....

muDD3019d ago

aint nothing but a ps3 troll... get a life, let the 360 fans enjoy the slim sales...

Colonel-Killzone3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Dirty do you even know me ?

No you don't PS3 troll please dude. I'm laughing because he said only a fanboy cultist wouldn't by a xbox 360 slim. Thats like me saying only a fanboy cultist wouldn't buy a ps3.

There are people who are interested in the 360 who doesn't care for the PS3. Vice Versa.... Please shut the fuck up when you put you're picture up and I can see your face then you can call someone dirty.

How about you get a life and stop making new accounts. Second time your stalking my comment history trying to take shots calling me dirty. LMFAO please GTFO.

Sigh Mudd like I said troll get a life stop making multiple accounts. Your probably dirty yourself with no damn picture. Dirty du rag like I said before its clearly white dummy. Thats why you throw the troll nonsense out there because I shut you down 2 articles in a row.

I'm not talking about the sales I'm talking about the statement he made in regards with fanboys. So learn how to read so you can reply with a proper post you idiot.

I guess my grandmother is a cultist fanboy since she has not interest in buying the 360 and she has a wii.

muDD3019d ago

calm down... you are a troll. A troll with a dirty du rag...

The xbox 360 slim will sale well... Just how the ps3 slim boosted sony sales... simple economics...

PLAYstar3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

88%, that's all you got with a slim and kinect?! What a disappointment, at the same time what a relieved that I wasn't stupid enough to get one. I get those pathetic neighbor to do the system test for me, and it looks like the Xbox360 just got a new shell that's all. The future I see on Xbox is DOOM! Only 1 or 2 exclusive games the rest Multiplat, and a fail attempt to the casual market.

Nihilism3019d ago

Please change your username, you are spoiling a perfectly good song title by primus with your fuckery

muDD3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

aint no body stalkin your beeatch ass, this is the first time i ever replied to you dirty du rag wearin ass... it just so happens when there is a good pro 360 article your dirty du rag wearin ass is on it u freakin' troll, and [email protected] all u ps3 trolls all of you r nothin but weird a$$ sony cultmembers who have no lives. freaks! There are way more ps3 trolls on 360 articles, than there are 360 fanbois on ps3 sites. aint no body wanna no about ur grandma beeatch! The ps3 is a good system the 360 is a good system, and i also love my pc, but i aint no weird a$$ sony cultmember... get a life and a new du rag!

@dchalfont shut up...

Colonel-Killzone3019d ago

Your wack and your a lame. Get a life troll. You say this is the first time you responded to me.

Lies you responded to my post about rage right here idiot--->

Also Its bitch not beeach my god your worst then the people who comment on youtube. You say your not stalking me but you see me trolling on 360 articles..

LMFAO as long as I been on N4g I never had the trolling mark on my name ever. Because I don't troll dummy. Your mad the sony fanboys raped your bubbles on your previous accounts so you made a new one to express your anger. Very nice life you have there sir.

Anon19743019d ago

The first is, it was my understanding that Microsoft isn't resupplying stores with the old style 360's. To claim that "retailers continue to order as many units as Microsoft is able to supply" seems a bit misleading.

The second is the existing 360's received a price break as Microsoft blows the old 360's out the door to make way for the 360S. I'm no financial expert but doesn't it make more sense that the recent sales spike is more due to the price cut than anything else? Once the old stock is gone, I'll guess we'll see how well the 360S is really being received by customers who'll once again have to spend $299 on the hardware.

Of course, this is PR from Microsoft. What do you expect them to say?

secksi-killer3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

as usual, another idiotic know nothing post from yourself. thanks for that.

and as you are no financial expert, can you stop writing shit blogs trying to disect microsofts financials... your posts are just a yawnfest

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candystop3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

"im not buying one..."

Sounds like a personal problem. I'm sure as heck picking one up closer to the release come Reach. Some of the best games and experiences this gen can only be found on 360 this year so boo hoo your not getting one.

OT: Good job MS.

karl3019d ago

oh yeah... im sure im missing out!...

"only the most craven fanboy cultist wouldn't buy one"

MorganX3019d ago

I read another post that said the xbox can use up to two USB drives up to 16G each for a total of 32GB usb storage. Haven't verified that. Even with 16, it'll sell very well.

0oAngeluso03019d ago

a 360s Arcade with Wifi, 4 GB and no chance of Red Ring will sell very well. It's clear Microsoft had a plan and it's working thus far. It would have been foolish for people to think the 360 wouldn't get the same push the PS3 did last year. Get a good push with this, then release the Arcade version, then release Kinect bundled with the Arcade for $249-$299 and see sales spike again.

Microsoft has also done a good job releasing games throughout the year, so it's a steady stream of content.

Congratulations to them, it's tough to take out the Wii, even for a single month. Here's to many more months!

We have to remember a lot of people still haven't gotten their 360s yet because they are backordered everywhere. Add in the over 1 million older model 360's that were slashed and the 360 could be on top for months to come. Especially here in the states.

Thats good for gaming and the industry as a whole.

ChronoJoe3019d ago

You do realise that the PS3 slim saw a 999% sales increase for several weeks after launch.

It's not quite the same push. lol

LoydX-mas3019d ago

You do realize that the PS3 had an across the board price cut of $100?

If the Xbox slim were to be the same, it would need to be at $249, like the elite is now.

ChronoJoe3019d ago

Then why compare? I mena, it still cost more than a 360. So it's not like the systems stance changed when it's price dropped like that.

Regardless of the differences, it's not pushing the 360 anywhere near the level that the slims release pushed PS3s sales forward.

Imperator3019d ago

I think a large amount of sales came from the mass price cuts no older models. I'm sure the redesign helped, but it was probably the price cuts that did the trick.

MNicholas3019d ago

aren't selling a lot of "slims."

They didn't get many in the first place yet they're sitting on the shelves.

Just go to your local Best Buy or Target and ask how many of the new model they're selling.

There is also no significant retail demand for Kinect. Only a few dorks even knows it exists. No one else knows or cares at this point. Microsoft has a huge marketing challenge ahead.

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The real killer3019d ago

As i said, there are Millions of old 360 users, they want also a new 360S and that call men (RE-PURSE)

wazzim3019d ago

Well duh, same with DS Lite -> DSi , PS3 -> PS3 slim.


OutgoingSquall3019d ago

It's a DVD player omg this is so sad lmao but good for ms wish I was a CEO for ms I would be laughing so hard while counting my cash.

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