Nintendo responds to NPD data

In June, Nintendo systems sold a combined 933,000 units, accounting for 50 percent of all gaming hardware units sold in the United States.

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-Mezzo-3018d ago

They seem very pleased, 933,000 why shouldn't they be.

eagle213018d ago

And 6 of the top 10 games too. Good lord. :)

Rumor3018d ago

ww sold......i'd shit brix too

Christopher3018d ago

I'm surprised they still respond to these. If I was Ninty, I'd just stick my head out a door and yell "Yup, we're good. See you next month!"

3018d ago
NikoleSmash3018d ago

I just don't get how they keep selling consoles? Who doesn't have one already?

TheTeam063018d ago

We were asking the same thing about the PS2 when it hit 100mil years ago. We'll never figure these things out.

rezzah3018d ago

Ive talked to some people online, there are those who never had the chance to get a game console until recently. Either because they are too poor or were not allowed. When they do finnaly have the chance, then they go for the best thing thats not a handheld. The PS2. Unlikely that they can purchase an Next Gen console and have the money to own a HD tv.

rezzah3017d ago


Oh look at that, people dont seem to recognize that the poor really exist in the world. HOw sad.

dizzleK3018d ago

kids. maybe the 'rents think they're old enough to have a wii in their room or somesuch. kids not sharing. saving up allowance. bored couples. stuff like that.

no doubt alot of the ds' sold are replacements. i worked at gamestop for about 3 years, easily 80% of the ds' we sold were replacements. they were always getting broken or stolen from kids taking them to school and whatnot.

acere3018d ago

population of USA 300,000,000 million plus

nickjkl3017d ago

population of the worl 6 billion

turns out gaming isnt as big as we think

Moentjers3018d ago

I have no idea how many kids are being born in the USA

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NYC_Gamer3018d ago

nintendo is used to moving alot of units every month

eagle213017d ago

And that's why it's 30-35 million ahead of everything else huh? :)

ebgeer3017d ago

Just because you dont enjoy things that are fun..doesnt mean the Wii sucks..and if the Wii sucks it wouldnt be selling so well...and if you would just get your head out of your ass and grow a might then realize that staying up late at night to masturbate to your HD graphics just isn't really that cool.

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