2K 'Excited' over Mafia 2 Sony Partnership

2K Senior Producer Denby Grace has said the firm is "excited" about its partnership with Sony for Mafia II, which will see exclusive downloadble content released for the PS3 version.

"We're really excited to announce this sort of partnership with Sony," said Grace. "We're going to be releasing some [PS3-exclusive] DLC at some point," he added, declined to reveal any specifics on exactly what extra treats Sony fans can expect from the developer.

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zeeshan8103017d ago

l <3 Sony and 2k Games !!!! :P

The real killer3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

And the PS3 version get gimped.
If Sony give some of those engine, than i call a good partnership.

Army_of_Darkness3017d ago

WTF is this sh1t!?!? put the damn extra content directly on the blu-ray disc!!! you have all the space you need! come on 2kgames, your not dealing with dvd space here!!

vsr3017d ago

PS3 is the lead console & this is 2k check's proprietary engine.

Baltis3017d ago ShowReplies(7)
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RememberThe3573017d ago

I hate DLC. just put it one the f'in disk.

pixelsword3017d ago

No kidding; Sony goes ape-scat talking about how blu-ray matters, but they always put their exclusive crud as DLC

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The story is too old to be commented.