Why 3DTV is destined to fall flat on its face

Which? Conversation writes: "3DTV is an exciting proposition for home cinema buffs, yet the technology comes with a hell of a lot of baggage. It demands our attention and the emptying of our wallets, but TV shouldn’t be this hard to watch."

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Jordanemery3844d ago

I have personally tried the new 3D tv's in Japan recently in Japan and I must say, If I had the $6,000 for the tv and glasses they were offering, I would have one in my living room today. The details and "WOW" that it displays will throw you into amazement. Sadly its still expensive and a newer technology. They have to work the bugs out and until they do, things will be a bit off before it is "good enough" for the general public.

Keep in mind that gamers view graphics and technology differently that just simple movie goers. Gamers look into the finest detail. I think in time, it will be something everyone has. Let them work out the kinks and then make a judgment. Who knew we would ever even be this far? I mean, NASA can take better HD pictures of the sun than we can take of regualar movies. Technology I believe will continue to shock us.

I agree than there isn't much for 3D material out there yet to even view, but look how fact Blu-Ray came into the picture.

Good entry


Hanif-8763844d ago

I'm actually saving up for one :-)

Genesis53844d ago

I pretty much just want it for gaming. I don't think I can be the only one.

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Nihilism3844d ago

No 2560x1440 will be what HD is to SD...

3D is like the swine flu one knows just what it will do to you, but they sure are marketing it like a miracle cure...

Anon19743844d ago

"3D is set to fail....because I don't like glasses."

What? That's it? That's the entire article? Well, holy hell. It's not because you experience eye strain, or the couple hundred more the TV's cost, or the current lack of content which are all legitimate concerns to 3D. It's because your poor, delicate shnause is too precious to deal with the pressure of those nasty ole glasses.

You might as well write an article saying 3D will fail because you don't like the colors of the sets. 3D needs glasses. Deal with it or miss out. For me, adding depth is the most important thing to happen to TV's since color was added. So forgive me if I scoff a bit when you claim the technology is due to fail because of the glasses. Avatar brought in $2 billion dollars just fine with users needing glasses. Obviously the general public isn't as sensitive about their noses as the author seems to be.

evrfighter3844d ago


lol it's funny cuz it's true.

Sony's even trying to say it'll give gamers a "competitive edge" while trying to ignore the 9000lb gorilla named FoV sitting in the room. wonder who's gonna buy into 3d.

rockleex3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

Its not like going from black and white to color. Or SD to HD.

Its a PART of HDTVs.

The funny thing is when people try to say 3DTVs will cost you $6000.

Nooooo. The Samsung 60+inch 3DTV may cost you $6000, but any 40-50 inch 3DTV will cost you about the same as the 2D version.

Btw, how can 3D fail if every manufacturer that is backing HD is backing 3D? Then you also got certain television channels, movies, games, cameras, etc supporting 3D.

nycredude3843d ago

You 3d tv haters aren't too bright. But then again it seems most of you are also Sony hater and 360 fans so I am not surprised. Listen carefully. In the very very near future you WILL NOT be able to by an hdtv without 3d capability. These new 3d hdtvs are 240 hz tvs and are head and shoulders above the current crop of hdtv the last couple of years. All hdtv in the future will be 3d ready, not 3d so unless you plan of never upgrading your tv and playing on a sdtv or an old hdtv then you will HAVE to buy a 3d hdtv in the future. Now you don't have to use it for 3d, which is fine, but if you had a Ps3 wouldn't you want to try it since it's free?

I don't get want all the hate is about? No one is forcing you to use it. Stop being so angry and just enjoy the new stuff coming are way.

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Greywulf3844d ago

1. Piracy
- There was NO large scale piracy in the days of previous 3d attempts. Studios are looking to increase seat tickets, as well as at home experiences.

2. Technology
- The technology is DIRT cheap to film these movies now. Thanks to AVATAR & James Cameron's magic cam.

3. Good 3d that actually enhances the experience. Not a gimmick of a floating twinkie coming at you. Go see that Dreamworks film, How to train dragons or what not. You'll see exactly what I mean.

People complaining about the prices are the same people complaining about HDTV prices(360 owners). Its a luxury item, its not supposed to be widescale initially, but its a large enough tech-demographic that will buy the technology to ensure that it gets cheaper and cheaper .

This same conversation happened for:

HD-DV...oh wait.

RatFuker3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

ive played killzone3 in 3d and its the greatest thing ive seen in my life. media wise.

evilmonkey5013844d ago

I got to see GT5 in 3d. Seriously incredible. Beyond peers. There is no other desire left, except for the desire to own a 3DTV and play GT5 for at least a month straight. This will be the first GT to get trophies ya know! :)

DrDreadlox3844d ago

Oh why did you have to mention trophies for GT5, now I'm even more impatient.

Better practice getting all gold in 'S' license till release lol.

Imperator3844d ago

Just like Bluray, and just like the PS3 right? LMAO, remember all those people saying the PS3 wouldn't last past it's first year and that bluray was dead on arrival? they got owned hard, and these new haters will as well.

badz1493844d ago

I'm also saving up for 1! can't wait to experience everything in 3D!

evilmonkey5013844d ago

Like the NBA and the NFL!!!!!! COMING THIS FALL!

Christopher3844d ago

No clue if 3D will take off like the HD scene, but this guy's article is fairly lackluster in logic and overall reasons.

Ilikegames763844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

Does the PS3 3D capability work with other 3DTV/Monitor? Like the Samsung or LG TV or the NVidia 3D-powered monitors? I've seen a Hyundai (yes, Hyundai) TV which have hardware-based 3D capabilities, which can turn any 2D movies/media to 3D. But I don't know if PS3 supports that TV.

And also the 3D capable projectors like the Optoma, does PS3 support those?

evilmonkey5013844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

It doesn't support my Samsung dlp 3dtv that I bought 2 years ago :( Its too slow. You need a 120hz refresh rate.

creatchee3844d ago

Agreed on gamers loving our toys!

The major obstacle that 3-D faces is the requirement of wearing glasses. This prevents early adoption for the non-hardcore IMO. The prices aren't really that bad compared to what HDTV was when it first came out. Once they iron out any glitches and make sure that everything from SD to 3-D runs fine, there really won't be a reason not to go 3-D even if you don't really intend to use it. It'll kinda be there if you want it, but priced so that you don't have to use it if you don't want to.

For example, I have several friends with HDTVs that don't have HD Cable or Blu-Ray. It's there for them, but they don't use it. However, they enjoy the effect that the widescreen allows on DVD and zoomed SD broadcast. To each his own. I like options though.

ji32003844d ago


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Focker-4203844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

Thats why all the developers and everyone thats tried it absolutely love it. :rolls eyes:

I'm tired of this 3D will fail bs. NO IT WONT!! Everyone and their mom thinks its amazing. The ones that are against it are either A) have never tried it, or B) is jealous they don't have the money for it.

If you say "but I saw Avatar lalala" stfu. 3D in a cinema is nothing like Stereoscopic 3D on a TV. The only similarity is the two letters 3 and D.

MostJadedGamer3844d ago

Focker it won't fail in the long run, but it won't become mainsteam near as fast as you think. Its going to be an extremely long time before 3DTV's become mainstream. Were talking 6 or 7 years.

Focker-4203844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

I give it 5 years to be the norm. I know it won't take off immediately, but whats great is when it does Sony will already have a massive library of content ripe for the picking. And by that time they'll have the tech perfected.


anything that has the name SONY related to it is going to fall flat on its face if you ask the media.

3D is not mandatory in games or movies, is just an option. Why everyone complain over another option is beyond my understanding. I know you have to pay for a 3d TV and the glasses but if you dont want you can still enjoy HD gaming and movies without the 3D. ITS that simple.


KingNintendoFanboy3844d ago

I'm not sure if it will fall flat on it's face, but I don't know if everyone will want it.

evilmonkey5013844d ago

kinda like you don't want HD?

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Spawn-KING3844d ago

This is what they all said about BLU Ray,now look where BLU Ray is at today .

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