Brown Hair and Stubble: The New Face of Modern Videogames

Your white, male, middle-aged character just got done shooting down an enemy with a powerful gun. He mutters a classic one-liner, which, combined with his brown hair and stubble, makes the audio clip sound extra badass. As the defeated enemy drops their ammunition, your manly character grabs it and lunges forward into the third-person environment, continuing his epic, cutscene-filled journey.

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dizzleK3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

he forgot both resistance games. and killzone.

us gamers are literally buying games that are generic is every way lol, we are such friggen suckers! all you can do is laugh and facepalm.

whenever i have a choice in games i always end up playing as a red haired female. i'm sure thats just my fetishes shining through.

Why o why3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

i preferred the old one because he looked less generic. Back in the days the blonde hair blue eyes used to be the generic target look (Aryan race) . Things have changed

Vojkan3069d ago

Not all Aryans are blue eyed, blond haired. Kids these days need to check their facts. I think most of people dont even know what Aryan means or represents.

Vojkan3069d ago

On Cole, actually he was very generic, bold, white guy, bland looking, generic snake wanna be voice. That was actually biggest complaine that he was generic looking, but now when they change look everyone complains again, go figure.

stevenhiggster3069d ago


It's beause now he's a generic pretty boy rather than a generic everyman.
Personally I think if you look at him carefully and picture him bald, he's really not that different, he's just grown some hair. I will admit I preferred the old gruff voice though.

Why o why3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

who said they were facts....*looks around* You ask 50 people what look they associate the Aryans with or to have and half of em wont know what the ef you're on about 47% would probably say the same as what i did leaving the last 3% consisting of people like yourself who know that much more than us kids. sheesh...this iz n4g NOT my last semester.

And you act like nobody has the right to voice an opinion on a character that we got used to being changed to some boy band heartthrob. Like steven said, he was a generic everyman Now he looks like he should be presenting at the MTV awards....did i mention im still getting this game on day zero despite the change....smh

Vojkan3069d ago

O please you yourself sound like some MTV persona, maybe you watch too much "16 and pregnant", no you are not ready yet...
anyways i am getting game day 1 too and i am not bothered by look one way or the other, its just that people ALWAYS complaine one way or the other, there is no point in having debate over Cole's look, just accept it and play the game, who cares how he look you aint gonna sleep with him, you are not on Tila Tequila WhyoWhy

Traveler3069d ago

I like the way the new Cole looks. The old one looked more generic to me. The new Cole seems to have more character or charisma.

Why o why3069d ago

is that....a joke....?? all you're doing is complaining about somebody 'complaining' which im not. Just saying i preferred the old....*sigh* No petitions, no long essays . Wanting to screw the dudes got nothing to do with it in my mind at like the new cole huh..good for you. Ive got no issues with your preference..whatever floats;) And you talk like you know ANYTHING about me...telling me to accept what ive already accepted and understood a long time ago...what, you a psychic doctor phil or something.

Yes people do complain....just look at your own comments. In fact you've complained more than i have from pulling up my 1st comment because it wasn't referenced (on news for gamers of all to whining about my little preference of an original....ze irony.

Nothing stranger than people who think they know it all over the net. Let people have their opinions and make their mistakes mr moany.

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Galaxia3069d ago

Bubbles for the Red Haired Female bit. They are the best of the best.

On topic. I have brown hair and stubble. So I don't care about this.

Vojkan3069d ago

same here, i would have to shave every day not to have some facial hair, not to mention how it looks, 4-5 days latter. I think some racist wrote this article actually.

Traveler3069d ago

Hey, I have brown hair and stubble, so maybe I am a video game hero and I don't know it. jk

But going back to being serious, why would this be that surprising? Brown hair is the most common hair color in the world, so it's only natural that many game characters would reflect that.

IdleLeeSiuLung3069d ago

I wish there were more Asian and black characters in games, but I guess I can't blame the west when Japan themselves don't create Asian heroes! What an atrocity?!

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HarryM3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

I've also realised that quite a few shooters' box arts has someone with their back to you looking down slightly.


Medal of Honor


Modern Warfare 2



I can't remember any more at this moment of time :/

TheTeam063069d ago

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and Far Cry 2 are some others I can think of.

HarryM3069d ago

Ahh, yes. How could I forget Far Cry 2?

skwidd3069d ago

Didn't a God of War also have Kratos with his back to us?

ExplosionSauce3069d ago

Ethan Mars from Heavy Rain only had stubble after he got all depressed.

Nathan Drake had a natural looking shade on UC1(hes a man after all). The stubble in UC2 increased later in the game as he got more f---d up.

You gotta understand though, that all those characters are grown ass men and don't have time to shave during the game.

N4BmpS3069d ago

Yeah and plus they're all in wars and on adventures, I mean they all can't be Kratos (you know clean shaved and a goatee)

skwidd3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

I thought Nathan looked very generic and I usually hate that look. His character shined through and redeemed the game though.

I think it's way more fun to have an irregular hero. Like a bold guy or someone with a big gut. I thought Wet did a really good job of changing the main character.

There are so many opportunities to be different and unique, why are studios so afraid of changing or taking a risk? Red Dead's character looked bland. I liked Niko from GTA4.

N4BmpS3069d ago

Well here is what's wrong with your statment (I'm not saying you're wrong or right) When it comes down to character design you have to take into account your setting. If Nathan Drake was like a billionaire running company and he sported the stubble face then yeah I would say he was generic but when you add in the fact that he's a treasure hunter and his personality that all goes away, at least for me.

It's easy to call a character generic, but it's hard to understand why the developer, designers or whatever went with that design. Again not saying you're wrong, just something to think about.

Cajun Chicken3069d ago

It it's defence. Have a look at lead male roles in films and's just art imitating art. After all, that is IF games are not get into that though, eh?

TheHardware3069d ago

Game companies stick to the safe 'White, macho, younger version" (UC2, RE, INfamous) or the "middle aged tougher grittier version" (GOW, MGS, ECT)

I don't have a problem with companes and the franchises they have established, I just think they are missing so much by not exploring other races and not typecasting them...(blacks are gangsters or have tough poor life growing up) (Asians know some for of martial arts, and dress like they are in a music video) (women are always super tough almost to the super human point, but always succumb to the will of a

and mostly they are sidekicks or cameos in games...I was extremely upset that Heavy rain only featured one minority characters (which btw women outnumber men in the world, why are they minority) lol

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