Exclusive 'Savage 2' Interview

MPOGL (Multi Play Online Games List) had an exclusive interview with Marc DeForest who is the owner, co-founder and lead designer of S2 games.

He explains such things as what features there will be in Savage 2 that wasn't in the original Savage and how the combat has changed and evolved. Read the rest of the interview to see what else he answers!


Is Operation Lovecraft A SCAM? [NSFW]

CG writes: Project Helius’ long-running game in-development Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll, has been years in the making. It first appeared as Fallen Doll but after a survey of players, the decision was made to ditch the original concept and change the game entirely to include Lovecraftian type beasts and alien beings. For the record, Operation Lovecraft is for mature audiences. There is really not much here for anyone else just yet. However, it is this fact alongside the lengthy development time and seemingly slow progression that has led many to label the project a SCAM. Don’t listen to the naysayers, they are wrong.

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Tales of the Shire Preview: All About That Second Breakfast | CGM

Tales of the Shire: A Lord of the Rings Game sees you playing a Hobbit and cooking to your heart's—and stomach's—content.

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Helldivers 2 player says teamwork is crucial for finding success

Four player missions are much more enjoyable than solo, but watch out for friendly fire.

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Eonjay20h ago

I feel like this is self-evident.

OtterX5m ago

I thought team killing was the path to success? /s

FTLmaster2h ago

Seems a bit obvious.

In other news: water is wet!


This is written by either the best teammate, or the worst.

Nobody likes the person trying to whip their friends into shape, when they are all either high or drunk, or just trying to decompress.

If your team can’t do level 9, try level 7 or 8.

dumahim11m ago

So we've gone from "Players say" to "player says?" A single player said something, make an article!