Develop: Molyneux Says Better Story, More Accessibility For Fable III

Fable II’s story and drama weren’t very good, but Fable III’s will be excellent, said Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux this morning, when he demoed the upcoming RPG sequel to delegates at the Develop Conference in Brighton, England -- the first time the game has been shown in Europe.

"I don’t think [the industry] has taken drama seriously enough," said Molyneux, who considers Lionhead no exception here: Black and White, he noted, had just a single actor voicing its cast of hundreds.

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Servbot3018d ago

More "accessible"? Fable 2 was already far too easy and casual friendly.

Jdoki3018d ago

I was thinking exactly the same thing!

Does the game now have built in auto-pilot? Is pressing start and choosing New Game the the only player interaction required!?! /s

Fable 2 was laughably easy; especially the combat!

TheHardware3018d ago

Im really tired of fables....They release, do moderately well, get mixed reviews, and he trashes it or apologizes for all the mistakes ect ect...

Raider693018d ago

i got bored of fable games after the first 5 to 8 hours due to the lack of challenge,and from the looks this one is going the same way!