Aaron Greenberg: Xbox 360 Top-Selling Console in June

The official June NPD data is set to release later this afternoon, but Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg just revealed that the Xbox 360 is the best-selling console for the month.

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FlipMode3018d ago

Not surprising, it did get a new redesign.

captain-obvious3018d ago

this guy only talks about NPD when the xbox sells more


LaChance3018d ago

Yeah because losers ( take Sony for instance) always run their mouths when they're loosing right ?

nikkisixx23018d ago


give us an example

a direct quote and link would be nice

Immortal Kaim3018d ago

For those interested an 88% increase (as outlined by Greenberg) would be 453,000 units year over year for June.

Fanboys below, please stop your whining, who cares who sold more or if Greenberg is a douche?

fuckoffodion3018d ago

I thought it was 365,848 compared to last month. Not year to year. I could be wrong though.

Aquanox3018d ago

Here comes the tortoise!

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KaBaW3018d ago

Exactly. I wonder how long it will go on, though?

tinybigman3018d ago

i know you, your company, and all your fanboys can sleep well again at night knowing your purchases were well justified.

again who cares about sales when let me make it clear that NONE OF THE 3 COMPANIES will be leaving the business for quite some time.

now can we please stop posting these stupid sales articles and post actual game news articles?

edhe3017d ago

Actual news? on n4g? HOW DARE YOU BLASPHEME!

R2D23018d ago

on this site the PS3 fans out number the 360 fans but Xbox 360 news is always the most hottest.

DRIIV3018d ago

no stuff like this
gets the hottest.
At least as far as I can tell.

Dread3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

thats because all the sony extremists keep trolling the 360 articles with their insecurities.

edit: speaking of insecure fanboys look at the post right below mine lol

Sheikh Yerbouti3018d ago


Honestly I think for a lot of them, it's payback. Internet time must be short; not that long ago the PS3 was the dog on N4G. LOL!

Anywho...Congrats MS.

fuckoffodion3017d ago

your 360 extremist fanboyism is showing and I mean it's showing hard. Fanbot.

n4gno3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

It's not "ps3 fans outnumber 360 fans", it's just that gamers prefer ps3, so on unbiased sites, like this one (news only, from all kind of blogs, sites, etc), you will see more ps3, and it's just pure logic, when you consider value and games.

by the way, for the xbox blind fans believing xbox sell better than ps3, just check the facts before enjoying to much the good americans sells for new design :

how guys like candystop, applegate, uneducated liars and trolls, can have bubbles ? (probably because of others liars giving them for propaganda purpose :))
candystop, delusional liar in denial : "ps4 is going to be announced soon folks right after Sony announces another desperate price cut"

lol, best games, best hardware, best sells for the year, 3D and move to come + best games again, and he want them to make a "desperate price cut" (like the one ms was doing to survive last time)

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Greywulf3018d ago ShowReplies(1)
Donny3018d ago

hey about worldwide? sonys owning worldwide. face it, xbox360 is the past, its not prepared for the future.

Imperator3018d ago

More sales crap for MS. Tell me 360 fans, do you get money for every 360 sold? Does MS send you a check? If not, then why do you guys care so much? LMFAO.

Seijoru3018d ago

I think most of these sales are from the regular models getting price cuts. The 360 might be ahead in the US for this month but it is still behind in World Wide sales this month compared to PS3. Europe and Japan more than make up for the 120k diff

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talltony3018d ago

All he said was that the new redesign made the sales go up. Why you take offense to that comment?

theonlylolking3018d ago

He never stops speaking like the head of the fable developer. Why cant companies just not talk. It is nice just to get their products and go on but then when they keep talking and talking it gets annoying.

Gabe never stopped talking and then he ran his mouth about the PS3 and was flamed at and told he didnt know how to make a game on the cell and not a real dev.

Nike3018d ago

"Why cant companies just not talk. It is nice just to get their products and go on but then when they keep talking and talking it gets annoying."

Welcome to the world of business, where hundreds of companies are vying for consumer attention. The last thing you wanna do as part of a major company is NOT keep yourself in the news and if talking non-stop is the way to do it, then so be it.

But quite frankly, this is no different from a comment Shinji Mikami makes about Vanquish. Don't know why you're taking it so personally.

Immortal Kaim3018d ago

Umm he is a PR spokesman, that is his job?

Nike summarises it well.

SOAD3018d ago

@the only lol king

He's paid to talk and you want him to shut up?

air13018d ago

@ the only lol

you could just not click the link and ignore that the 360 exists along with greenberg..

some of you take things a little too serious...

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deanobi3018d ago

I believe the xbox 360 isnt getting enough credit it deserves!

HarryM3018d ago

And you have 4 Bubbles how?

leila013018d ago

What's so shocking about deanogee's comment?

edhe3017d ago

Agreed - it's come from ..where...? and is dominating the platform that came in replace of the #1 dominating gaming platform in the US of the prior generation.

Completely undermining it and becoming a massive success in a very short time.

You're right - it's not getting the kind of David credit it should vs the mighty Sony Goliath that's utterly failed on living up to last gen's reputation.

Apparently the Sony disagreeers think the 360's getting massive props - probably from their constant commenting on 360 articles.

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cobraagent3018d ago

New redesign + popularity of 360 in America= sales

GeoramA3018d ago

I wonder how many MS gave away for free.

FlipMode3018d ago

None, that's not how NPD works.