High Quality Dragon Age II Scans from Game Informer

Dragon Age II is the upcoming sequel to BioWare’s 2009 role-playing game Dragon Age: Origins. Unlike Dragon Age: Origins, the main character’s background, race and voice will be set and the story will be focused around a fully-voiced human character, Hawke, a Lothering refugee who rises to power. The August edition of Game Informer magazine has all the latest details regarding the sequel that will take the franchise to a new region, with a new hero, and will tell a new tale in the Dragon Age universe. Check out the high quality scans from the August edition of Game Informer below.

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N4GAddict3017d ago

Looks okay but DA was never about the graphics IMO

raztad3017d ago

I'm interested in giving DA:O a try. PC version is a no go right now. Did you play it on PS3? I read there are some framerate problems in the PS3 version.

kanetheking3017d ago

love the game.gameplay was amazing for me

but dislike the picking to speak thing never got into it.and it's about 24 hours long

bobcostus3017d ago

Console version plays very differently than the PC version. PS3 and 360 both have some minor framrate issues, but nothing that's game-breaking.

I would really encourage you to hold out and wait until you can get the PC version, it's vastly superior imo. Like BioWare said in the article in the screenshots, the PC version of DA:O is how they intended it to be played.

But hey, to each their own, right?

raztad3017d ago

Thanks both of you. Bubbles


To wait for PC probably would mean like another half a year. I know the PC version is the right version to play by any means, but I just want to give it the game a shot and enjoy the story unfold. Not even sure if this is my type of game.

aaronisbla3017d ago

i loved the ps3 version, but if you can wait the half year to play it, do so for the pc version. Its a great game but even better on pc, which is the console it was made for in my opinion due to the keyboard and mouse. It also has a better camera angle not found on the home versions

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Simon_Brezhnev3017d ago

Well i want my previous character in DA not some new person. Well i sure hope the story is a lot better then the 1st one.

SlxTeN3017d ago

graphics look bad, it feels like DAO looked better.

richierich3017d ago

The graphics look like its in its early stages I hope it is

Tikicobra3017d ago

I think the graphics look awesome. If you compare the original character models to the new ones, the new art style really shows, and it looks excellent.

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