CDs Becoming History?

Thanks to gaming consoles, the use for CDs just isn't needed anymore. It's so easy to buy movies, games and additions to all kinds of multimedia without ever needing to leave your living room. Will CDs eventually be history?

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Merivigian3071d ago

They may get smaller, or even hold way more memory. But I doubt it will go anywhere. I hate download able games from the PSN and Arcade. Because all that you have is a download, you can't hold a download in your hands. If gaming does become download able or everything turns into "cloud" gaming. Then I'll just stop playing games.

mrv3213071d ago

CD's are really useful for operating systems.

ColdFire3071d ago

hahahaha, article fails to mention Steam, article fails

Jamegohanssj53071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

I just purchased the How To Destroy Angels record last week : v ).


Nihilism3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Good work, doing the right thing even when they made it available for free...and no i'm not joking. Saul Williams didn't get the support he deserved through a similar scheme but his name did grow from his association with TR...NIN for life. I can't wait for the full album by HtDA


I have a NIN tattoo, couldn't help myself, their music means a lot to me, a lot of other bands don't have that sort of longevity or legitimate meaning.

I wear it on my forearm proudly.


I have your tattoo design here:


Jamegohanssj53071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

NIN's is my favourite band, so anything that Trent does I will be purchasing it even if it's for free. Like Ghost and Slip, they both sit in my record collection. Right along with my Metallica, Pearl Jam, Michael Jackson, Nirvana, and many more record collections. I download from torrent site simply because I hate ripping my own CD's by myself. If I don't have the CD and I torrent it eventually I go out and buy it to show my support for the artist. If you don't do it, then it's stealing.

Edit: Once I get my head out of my arse I am going to get a NIN's tattoo as well. I'm just not sure what kind of design I want though. It's so hard to pick.

Bubbled up

SOAD3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Your logic is so flawed.

you can't hold a download in your hands?

As if holding a CD in your hands means you own a game?

How about you remove your detachable hard drive and hold it in your hands. There you go, now you're holding a downloadable game in your hands.

Edit: It's not a little different, man. It's exactly the same. Except that hard-drive is more sturdy than a disc. Secondly, if the game file in your drive becomes corrupted, you can just re-download and re-install the game for free because the receipt of your purchase is saved on your STEAM or PSN or XBL account.

If your disc gets scratched or lost, you have to buy the game again. If you lose your hard-drive, go on any computer, log into your steam account, and re-download and re-install the game for free. I believe that digital distribution is the most wonderful innovation for gamer ownership in recent memory. Just having a disc in your hands only gives you the illusion that you own it or somehow have tangible access to it.

Digital distribution is the future. The only restriction right now is internet download speeds, which is why retail disc-based games are the standard, but right now many companies are preparing their infrastructure for Digital Distribution. Sony and Microsoft will follow suit.

RememberThe3573071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

You would be holding a hard drive with a game on it. When you hold a CD/DVD/BR you are holding the game or album or whatever in your hands. I see where your coming from but it is a little different. When it comes to CD's, I love buying CDs but I always put them on my computer. There is something gratifying about being able to hold what you have purchased instead of seeing a little icon on your computer screen saying you have it. Plus, if my hard drive fails I'm shit out of luck.

@Clizz: Your right. When I download games from Blizzard or BioWare they allow me to download them any time I want. But I think holding my games and music in my hands is the biggest thing for me. I love looking over at my CD rack or my Games rack or my DVD rack and thinking, "Holy shit I have a lot of shit." I gotta expand on my book case though I'm watching way too much anime. Damn you Demonoid!

Convas3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Nahh, for once I'mma have to disagree with you SOAD. As Remember above me said, if you're HDD fails with your 20+ beloved Arcade Downloadables on it, you're going to be weeping for a good long time.

But then again, because of Cloud Services linking purchased games to your Original Account, even IF your HDD crashes, you can still redownload your collection back to your new HDD for no charge (At least that's how it works with MSFT, dunno bout Sony).

jerethdagryphon3071d ago

owning a collections of burned games or a pile of files on a drive sint satisfingi look at my ps3collection i see titles i can admire artwork pressed disc heck one if the games i really enjoyied is off being autographed by the dev team and im gointo ask another company to do the same

i support ocmpanys but i like having material ican examine admire rather then

C:\windows\programfiles\steam \games\halflife

discs feel real regardless of weather a dled game works or not it doesnt 'feel' real to me

and as for what someoen said about torrenting i do that with films i buy a dvd and dl a divx of it for my drive cause i cant be assed doing it myself

all my films i ligetimitly own somewhere

Prototype3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

With SOAD I'd also vote disagree because I'd rather physically own something without being restricted to a flash/external drive, especially if a friend wants to demo something before final thoughts of a purchase. The only thing I usually put on flash/external drives is music for psp and backing up data to save on space on my notebook.

Short answer is everyone has a preference, mine is physically owning the cd/dvd.

Rocket Sauce3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

How do I not own this monster stack of games, dvd's and blu rays right next to my TV? Has somebody been playing tricks on me?

3071d ago
moodymofo3071d ago

if i cant hold it its not mine yea i can hold the hard drive but the content in it is managed by the company that i would have bought it from saying that you can never sell it or even give it away ,after a couple of years that dlc will be worthless and what if you buy a game that really sucks are you just gonna say oh well 60 bucks gone and not be able to sell it ?if thats your idea of ownership god help us all

BWS19823071d ago

what happens when this gen is over and you lose your HDD? What happens if Steam dies off in 5 years?

You only have access to the DL games for a certain amount of time, but inevitably, it will be over.

Some people still have their NES consoles and games, even their Colecovisions and games. If there was Dig. Dist. back then, you really think you'd still be getting the option to redownload games this far into the future? No, which is why the most effective and assured way to game for the long term is with physical copies. On top of that, you can resell them to someone or trade them with a friend, etc...

I love the convenience of DD, but I love the peace of mind of physical media even more. Physical media wins.

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iamnsuperman3071d ago

Downloadable games will not happen any time soon. Not until there is a constant fast internet available, which there isn't, to enough people. Some parts of the UK do not even have broadband yet.

SOAD3071d ago

Downloadable games are happening as we speak. People can download full games off of XBL, PSN, and STEAM.

You're just expecting for discs to remain a standard for many years, and I guess that's true. But discs may be released by some other physical medium, like SSD cards or USBs.

iamnsuperman3071d ago

I mean every game being downloadable as this article is about CDs becoming history. The problem with using USB drives for CD is that the game must be download first and the speed of the internet for most people is not fast enough. I can see CDs lasting for at least 10 more years most likely even longer until the infrastructure of fast internet increases.

WildArmed3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

I have 32 PS3 games.. (in bluray)
I have over 40 games on my Ps3 HDD.. (10 of them being full retail games)

I have 29 360 games.. (in DVD)
I have 37 full retail games on my HDD =/
I prefer digital media for my 360 :D

I sure would like more full retail games on PSn..
too limited retail games (like wipeout.. GT5p.. infamous.. etc etc) are available at the moment.

ColdFire3071d ago

My 52 Steam games beg to differ :P

ZeroX98763071d ago

sorry but I like my game collection to be physicaly there! seeing my collection of all Final fantasy games on my shelf at home is just freaking sweet. I got all the twisted metals, the god of wars, halo, gears, mana series and many others!

downloadable titles isn't as impressive compared to this. keep it simple please.

StbI9903071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

I think I'm with soad this time...lets see the pro and the cons IMO...

Digital content's goods

1 - Digital content doesn't cratch.
2 - Digital content can't get lost/Stolen.
3 - Digital content could be CHEAPER.
4 - Digital content gives more support for the DEVS.
5 - Digital content can be accessed easily w/e much fus, example mult disc for xbox, one disc for ps3, no disc but only switch on the console and there you go.
6 - Digital content may have more availability, reliability and so the system may have less chance of overheating, longer life span.


1 - Internet
2 - Space
3 - Digital content can get corrupted, but so can you replace it by re-downloading.

Physical Disc's goods

1 - Disc doesn't need internet, DC yes.
2 - Disc give the satisfaction of owning the material...
3 - Can be exchanged.


1 - , Disc scratched but...
2 - Stolen, lost.
3 - If you have over let say 200 games, fuss to find that game you want.
4 - Could be getting any expensive for future case "if the economy continue like so"
5 - And like I said, a spinning disc is certainly the 80% of caused for the system failure, BD reader death, so overheat for the xbox.

In fact, the whining around is only for needing the feeling of owning the physical material only? come on...better say you don't have a good speed, in the other side for the guy above.

How about having a library with all your games where you can access them and organize them digitaly? lets say the 12 FF games out there each in order which by a single click there you go, instead of taking out the disc, put the other FF game's disc etc, IN FACT, yes it is the future.

Prototype3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

I'm gonna add some more to the list:

for Digital


7. Can be compressed to save space


4. DRM issues; especially if they are tied to specific hardware or an account
5. Take up space over time (Yes I stated can be compressed however even with compression space can still be limited)

for Physical


4. Can make good drink coasters or Frisbees
5. Can be worth $ (Excellent Collector items)


6. More $ for maintenance

StbI9903071d ago


Let me add the best one and what will make DC the future over physically media...

The piratery of videogames will be OVER...

dizzleK3071d ago

i just don't have the same respect for things that i don't physically possess, dl games feel "cheap" to me. demos are for dl, games are meant to be owned and held.

SOAD3071d ago

Dear lord, man. It's the same damn game file. The CD disc is what's cheap. A detachable hard-drive can hold more games and other files. I guess the cover art for the CD case is what makes you think you actually own the game. That's very poor reasoning.

GodsHand3071d ago

I don't see these disc going out anytime soon. While poeple love the ability to download stuff, my self included. I don't love the waiting for a two to six gig file to download. I don't have a download limit cap, as some others may have, but I also don't have a T3 line going to my router.

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