Legal Settlement 'Paves The Way' To Release Of Duke Nukem Forever?

What, you thought that the fact that just because the developer of the world's most famous vaporware game, Duke Nukem Forever, had gone out of business that the game might really never come out? Yeah, well, after the company shut down, there was the little matter of a lawsuit with Take Two over the game.

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Elven63019d ago

Arg, 3D Realms DID NOT shut down, they simply laid off their development team. The fact that 3D Realms ported and published Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project on XBLA should be telling enough.

It might not be the same 3D Realms, but it's better than having all their IP's scattered in the wind to who knows how many different places. Here's hoping MP is selling well enough for them to get back. That or George won enough at the Poker table to do something! :D