Tim Schafer Talks About Double Fine

Speaking at Develop, Tim Schafer, founder of Brutal Legend company Double Fine Productions, spoke openly and honestly about the trials and tribulations that the company has faced.

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Robulos3016d ago

I’m very tired of the trend in America where every time someone states a negative OPINION about another person or group of people he or she is forced to apologize the next day. Now I’m not saying that there are not cases where an apology is in order but for example, in this case, why should Tim Schafer have to apologize for calling “the kettle black” when we all know good ol’ Bobby, with 99.9% accuracy, is exactly what Mr. Schafer called him? If it wasn’t likely to hurt the future of his company I doubt he would have but I really don’t think good ol’ Bobby gives a crap what anyone calls him, except maybe his share holders. Good ol’ Bobby is the epitome of what is wrong with big business in America. All he seems to worry about is lining his pockets and his share holders’ pockets. He could care less about any moral obligation to the company employees, the consumers of his company’s products or his company’s obligation to world society. That is unless it can be spun to increase profits. The whole thing has gotten completely out of hand! Bobby is what he is… a douche and a product of greed.

Syaz13016d ago

i agree with you, although somehow it seems like tim schafer was being sarcastic in his apology. i'm sad that brutal legend 2 is a no-go. it was extremely underrated, as well as being very harshly judged by the gaming community. i enjoyed the game, even the rts gameplay as well.

Kalowest3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

I can see this man making really great Fantasy movies. Hes in the wrong business, BL was UnderRated just like the rest of his games. DF is a really great studio, hope nothing bad happens to them.

Enigma_20993016d ago

Looks like Activision forgot to trick him into a NDA... now he can let everyone know how crooked they can be.

3016d ago