My Sims SkyHeroes Impressions (DualShockers)

DualShockers writes, "I recently got to sit down and check out the kid friendly MySims SkyHeroes, which is slated to release at the end of September. It was the Xbox 360 version and I was told that this was not the final build. It not being the final build was very apparent when the loading times took longer than a normal loading screen should. Other than that, the final version of MySims SkyHeroes should be exactly what I saw...."

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Ninferno3018d ago

looks like a fun little game to pick up. especially as a family oriented game.

Hitman07693018d ago

I was thinking the same thing. For me personally this title appears to have come out of nowhere but sounds interesting to say the least. I could picture myself returning to the Sims universe for this and hope they continue to make some spinoff/mini-game content that doesn't require me to use the bathroom and shower (I do enough of that in real life do I not? *cue the hygiene jokes).