IGN: Vanquish: Leading from the Front

A veritable swarm of rockets crisscross the sky above Sam's head, creating the illusion of a domed ceiling of glittering, fast-moving projectiles. There's too many to count and as they're raining down he boosts left and right, trying to evade the raining shells. Inevitably he takes a hit or two, but that's the way Vanquish works - you will take damage and you will take it regularly.

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skynidas3070d ago

Im so getting this game, I loved Bayonetta, this is like Bayonetta with guns.

Christopher3070d ago

This is like Bayonetta in the same way it's like any other action game around streaming combos together in melee combat... which really isn't much alike at all...

The game looks like a good action game focused around shooting rather than combos. The one boss fight I've seen was kind of... lifeless? Didn't have that personality that draws you in like some other games do in their boss battles. But, that's was second-hand viewing, I may have missed a lot from that perspective.