Kinect Kind Of Compatible with Push-ups

For a week in June, Team Kotaku played Microsoft's hands-free control system Kinect, standing up. Kinect has problems with seated players, we reported. Yesterday, I tried doing a push-up in front of it.

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TrevorPhillips3109d ago

Kinda lol

Is is kinect compatible with sex lol

Inside_out3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

The tech behind Kinect is changing everyday. It is up to the developers and M$ engineers to program the device to understand what it's seeing. How many times do they have to say it.

Lets take a look at couple of examples...This first one is from M$ team. Pay attention at 1:16 where the entire room is mapped...all 4 corners top to bottom. Again, the software has to be in place for Kinect to understand what it is seeing.

Now, here is a game that is making it rounds and is being called the killer app. I wouldn't go that far since Kinect is in it's infancy, but this game is doing things no other device can at the moment...check it out.

Now at :038 of this video it goes into freestyle mode and Kinect maps every move perfectly in real time, even when he is turning on the floor. If you go out of the cameras reach or below the line of vision then Kinect can't see you...duh.

Here is Your Fitness by Ubi-soft...Kinect scans the info it needs, sounds a bell to let you know scanning is done, and designs a program based off of it...Another killer app. Wii fit sold 10++ million units and is nowhere near this technical.

Of course all work and no play makes gamers grumpy, here is the Lucas arts game...Star Wars.

Sony is now working feverishly to try to get a 3D camera of there own. Kinect is a dumbed down version of the Patented tech that M$ bought. The real set up would of cost a fortune but even in it's current state, will slowly begin to impress the masses as developers as well as the M$ engineering teams work on the software.

BTW...this article is pooh. Just looking for hits.

PshycoNinja3109d ago

That Kotaku is just looking for hits but I lol at the fact how much you defend MS with everything they do. You are just a blind follower, who will take any punchs you can get at PlayStation or Nintendo. If one of this to devices threatens your Xbox or MS than you go ape Sh*t on them.

Triella3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

What you see in the "freestyle" part of the Dance central choreographed demo (= not representative of what gamers will get out of it) and the Your shape demo is not an avatar but only a shape formed by the raw datas (points cloud) the RGB-D cam sends to the processor so the lag is minimal while still clearly visible, but when you have to map this "shape" and its movements to a real avatar in a game you get :

1. even more lag because the datas will then need to be interpreted first and then retranscribed so that your avatar matches your movments.

2. Jerking avatar limbs and so on because when you move around alot and there is latency the processor is not able to take in all the datas and restore them properly fast enough.

Garnett3109d ago

Positive MS comment????????????!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

Thumbs DOWN!!!!!!

LOL N4G fanboys suck.

mrv3213109d ago

If N4G was a warehouse and a Natal article was a box it'd look something like this

TheROsingleB3109d ago

This is not an accurate number.

Raoh3109d ago

one of the magazines i support is having a kinect demo soon, i asked if they would let me sit in. hopefully i can try it out for myself.

TheTeam063109d ago

Is everything a "kinda" with this product?

wazzim3109d ago

will be huge, just look at the number of articles on freaking N4G alone.

IdleLeeSiuLung3109d ago

If you think about the difficulty in the camera seeing a persons leg obscured by your front body then it isn't a surprise unless it was a suprise for you that Kinect can't see through things!

DelbertGrady3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Except for "kinda like the Wii" and "kinda expensive and redundant". Those are already taken by another peripheral.

bjornbear3109d ago

which one?

Oh well, here.

TheTeam063109d ago

Or, you're "kinda" trolling so you can "kinda" feel like you've done good for your side.

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Alcohog3109d ago

After reading how the system "see's" your body, I see no reason why this game wouldn't be possible with just a PS Eye or eyetoy whatever its called.

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