Codemaster CEO Recommends Selling 'Unfinished' Games

Codemaster wants to bring back Shareware.

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Seijoru3070d ago

People already do with all the DLC bullshit at launch or a month after the game is released.

Abriael3068d ago

And then people wonder why Codemasters' games fail so badly that they're forced to go and beg players to play them for free...

kagon013068d ago

That's is why won't buy for a while Blazblue CS, cause of those unbalanced practices in the gaming industry...

Redempteur3068d ago

so you don't want a rebalanced fighting game sold at half price with news features and some minor character dlc afterwards ..meaning that the game will still cost you less than a full retail price game ..

nice logic bro

SuperStrokey11233070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

They sell the game finished but just make us pay to unlock the stuff thats ALREADY ON THE DAMN DISC!

We are looking at the beginning of another crash i think due to the obscene greed of companies.

cobraagent3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Like Modern Warfare 2?
No thank you... Next!

Quadrix3068d ago

Beat me to it. Not like I had much of a chance, though; it's a miracle this joke wasn't made in the first post.

captain-obvious3068d ago

the game sold millions up on millions

BattleAxe3068d ago

How was MW2 unfinished? It has more content on the disc than most games released in the past 4 years.

Letros3069d ago

Sounds a lot like episodic content.

DlocDaBudSmoka3068d ago

what the hell are these companies thinking? they do realize that core gamers are the ones that buy things new, and not used right. Well we buy things that we want and are looking forward to, new. Do the CEOs want it to be 1982 all over again?

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The story is too old to be commented.