Demon's Souls Is Teaching Me Job Skills

Community writer Rachel Jagielski: I was recently filling out a job application, slowly plodding through one of the personality tests so in vogue with big corporations, carefully reading each question. I have a tendency to agonize over these things, afraid I’ll somehow misrepresent myself. Then I reached this question:

“Do you make detailed plans before beginning an activity?”

Shortly before starting the application, I had been discussing my meticulous plan to grind my way towards better weapons in Demon’s Souls. I felt no hesitation when I clicked “Highly Accurate.”

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Redempteur3042d ago

addiction to demon souls can prevent you from sleeping and trouble your work

ranmafandude3042d ago

all i kept thinking about in school and in my sleep was demon's souls lol.

The_Firestarter3042d ago

When I first got Demon's Souls I simply COULD NOT focus on my schoolwork. All damn day I was constantly thinking about DS. That game is epic, man. I sure do hope Sony does give the green light for DS2 soon.

Focker-4203042d ago

Very good article. Every month or so I'll go for another play through just for the challenge. I really hope we get another one, or something like it. Its definitely in my top 10 games of all time

oldjadedgamer3042d ago

Putting up with a douche boss is definitely easier than the first run through of Demon Souls.

UnwanteDreamz3042d ago

Yep but after DS you'll want to hit him with the Bone Breaker.

Alos883042d ago

It's true, "Don't die" is a skill that most employers value.

Jack-Pyro3042d ago

Not as many as you'd think.

Ever Hear of a "Dead Peasant Policy"

Scary Stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.