Why Kinect Sports May Not Compare To Wii Sports- Gameplaybook

While Microsoft is promising big things with its Kinect-ready sports compilation, we can't see it being as big in popularity as Wii Sports. And we've got several reasons why in our latest editorial.

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3015d ago
wazzim3014d ago

No shit, Nintendo is the master in selling games, look at the top selling games of all time.

gypsygib3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

For all those 360 owners planning to get Kinect and who don't own a Wii - why not get a Wii instead? I was debating whether or not to get Kinect for Fam time and parties then realized I can get a Wii for 50$ more with 2 games and while I'm not interested in most Wii games, I'd love to try the Metroid series (p.s. Don't type Metroid on iPhone!). That alone is more makes the games way better than anything kinect has.

Gen0ne3014d ago

Awesome stuff. That alone is worth the price of admission. I'm buying Kinect and Move, although I'm guessing that I'm gonna like Move more. It seems like Wii controls done right and I agree with Nintendo's stance on motion control. Tactile feedback. Holding on to an imaginary steering wheel/gun/ball/flight stick or whatever seems like it'll be missing something. I dunno, that's why I'm gonna try them all. Wanna see for myself. I can tell you though, for the 1st three months of Wii ownership, I was bowling my ass off. We'll see if MS gets that outta me.

KingME3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Do you feel that they should get a wii because you are having this delimma. The wii has been out long enough that anyone with a 360 that possible wanted a wii probably already owns one. (EXPECT YOU OBVIOUSLY)

So lets get to you trur trolling point. Being an hating fanboy is one thing, but nothing more punkish than a passive-agressive little fanboy.

Here's an idea, you spend you money where you please and let the rest of us do the same. BTW, while you're at it stop hating.

One more question, should the same people op for the wii instead of MOVE also, you seem to have forgotten to mention that?

dubal-e3014d ago

Good article and it points out some of the obvious stuff people overlook. Also the Wii comes motion ready. You have to buy an xbox then you have to buy a connect. Very expensive after all that.

Jason1433014d ago

kinect simply doesnt work go try it out at any mall in your area if you dont believe me. They dropped the ball and are selling you beta hardware. If you havent tryed it I dont care what you have to say. If you have tryed it you know what I mean.

TheTeam063014d ago

I have a feeling they just wanna get this out before anyone else so they can be called "innovative", then release their next console with Kinect built-in or packed with it. I'm almost positive they'll be going the casual route first and foremost like Nintendo did. Microsoft likes to get headstarts and build on what made the best-selling console of the previous generation actually sell well (they did the same this generation).

Whether or not it'll work remains to be seen. If 3D has a chance to kill some of that casual motion stuff then I want it to do just that. At least 3D is something I can completely ignore. Motion can easily be made mandatory....

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The story is too old to be commented.