Playstation Movie Store users with Early Access?

Do Playstation Movie Store Users get Early Access to Blockbuster Movies?
German website reported that the German Video Store got once again updated this week.
The Highlight of this weeks Update is the Movie "Daybreakers" with Ethan Hawke. Nothing special about that, but the intresting bit is that the Movie itself isnt released on DVD in Germany yet.
Big Online Retailers like state that the DVD will be aviable starting 27. August. This means the Movie was released on Playstation Network a whole Month before its DVD Launch
The Question is, was that a mistake or do Playstation Users now get access to movies before they are even released on DVD/Blu Ray?

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Focker-4203043d ago

Yes we do. We even get some of them before they hit theaters. Like Rec 2, Ondine, and the Oxford Murders. I'm sure there have been more those are just the ones I can remember.

GodsHand3042d ago

Yeah I saw some of them on the store, saying see before it hits theaters, only rent version not buy. But someone could easliy copy that stuff and upload to the net. I have the capablities to recored in 720p using my computer, but I only do that for my gaming sessions.